Things to consider before practicing Yoga

I have been practicing Yoga for years now and it has changed my life in many ways. I believe that yoga not only touches your body but also your soul. It is not just a workout that is practiced to stay fit but connects you with your spiritual self.

Yoga Practice

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In this blog, I will be pointing out few of the basic things that needs to be considered by every person practising yoga:

1. No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure to incorporate Yoga into your schedule. However, Yoga should not be practised in a rush. It is a meditation practice that is supposed to calm yourself. Remember, unlike gym workout yoga concentrates on your physical as well as mental wellbeing.

2. Practice whenever you get time, even 20 minutes a day can make a difference. When you start practising Yoga seriously everything else will fall into the right place. Your mind will be clearer and your brain will be more efficient.


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3. Always meditate in a place that makes you comfortable. I usually meditate in my living room facing the balcony. It gives me a good view and maintains a fresh ambience throughout my yoga session. I recommend that you practice in a place that is quiet and calm, be it your terrace, garden, bedroom. The place you choose for yoga should be away from all distractions.


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4. I would recommend that you analyse how you feel before and after your session, you will definitely notice the change within a few days. Check your heart rate, blood pressure, stress level and breathing. If we concentrate on how you feel before yoga then we will be able to choose the right yoga practise for you. This will also help you understand the improvement that is happening in your life due to yoga. This will greatly motivate you to continue yoga.

These are some the factors that need to be considered while you practise yoga. Hope you find this post useful. Feel free to share your Yoga experience, I would be more than happy to read your comments.


Easy Ways to Maintain Strength of Upper Body

I am a financial adviser but I eke out time from my busy schedule to stay healthy. Recently I learnt that bodybuilding is not the only way to maintain the health of the upper body. One can even have healthy forearms through yogic exercises and asanas. Here is how yoga helped me develop my forearms.

Side Plank Pose
The side plank pose is ideal if you wish to develop the muscles of your wrists, core, and arms. This posture is referred to as Vasisthasana in Sanskrit.

Side Plank Pose

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Plank Pose
If you wish to tighten the abdominal muscles, you can opt for the plank pose. It is known to make the wrist, spine, and arms stronger. It works wonders on the upper body.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose
This is an ideal pose for upper body strength. It helps to develop the muscles of the upper body. If you want your limbs and arms to have more strength, I would suggest you to practise Dandasana and Chaturanga. These exercises are ideal for developing muscles.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

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This posture is referred to as the Adho Mukha Vakrasana in Sanskrit. The handstand has several positive impacts on your body. It helps to elongate the abdomen. It also adds strength to the arms, wrist, and muscles.

Supported Headstand
Another yogic posture that is known to improve the strength of your upper body is the supported headstand. The magic of this posture is that it helps to improve various parts of your body. It makes the legs, spine, and lungs stronger. It is prescribed yogic posture for people suffering from asthma, insomnia and similar other health problems.

Supported Handstand

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These are just a couple of yogic exercises that may help you build your upper body. The body is not accustomed to such exercises and postures. You must thus practice these exercises on alternate days so that the body has enough time to tone itself up. Overworking the muscles are known to have negative impact on the body. These asanas and yogic postures help you develop a healthy upper body even between your hectic routine.