Happiness Where Only Sky Is The Limit: Paragliding In Manali!

Family is my life and I can never image any moment without them. They are my world to me, and I Darshik Mehta is here yet again with my new blog. Although I am above 45 years, I never stop myself from any adventurous activities. Till date I have travelled to many places with my family and have experienced many adventure sports as well.


Paragliding Activities in Manali | Image Resource: advantureinmanali.blogspot.com

However, I never came across paragliding and I am quite excited to fly like a bird! I have browsed on internet about paragliding activity and found that the best experience can be felt at Manali. There are many places and companies offering safe paragliding in Manali, and I have gained a lot of information on it so that I plan my trip effectively.

What do I know about paragliding?

Well, it is an adventurous activity which helps in free flying with the help of a glider aircraft. The person is given a harness which has a connected wing. The flight will last for a few hours and can cover some particular distance. The basic equipment it consists of are- a wing, harness, radios, GPS unit and variometers.


Eye Dropping View of Paragliding Activities | Image Resource: awesometravelblogs.com

My thirst to learn about paragliding and experience it has made me gain much information about it. Now, I am just waiting for the chance to visit Manali! Hope I come across it soon.

Few paragliding places in Manali

In addition to this, I have even grasped some information about few popular paragliding spots in Manali. Solang Valley is a popular place where one can enjoy paragliding along with many other activities. The charge is 3000 INR and the time given for the activity is 30 minutes. The package includes parachute, safety helmet, flight deck and everything which is required.


Paragliding Activities Spots in Manali | Image Resource: manalideals.com

Kanyal in Nasogi is another place where you can enjoy paragliding. You can go to Burwa and Kullu as well. Typically, there are many places where you can fulfil your dream. I am already excited to turn my dream to reality and I am ready for it as well. I wish I get the opportunity to go to Manali soon!