Visit to Lal Bagh Bangalore

It was the final day for us in Bangalore. The city was a treat for all of us. We had one last place to visit which was Lal Bagh. Any one in Bangalore will never miss the opportunity to visit the majestic garden. As usual, a car was waiting for us at the hotel. We started our journey soon after having a superb breakfast. Lal Bagh is about 10km from the hotel and the driver told us it would take around half hour due to traffic. Mornings in Bangalore roads are never easy. We reached our destination and all of us were amazed to see the beauty of the garden.

Lal Bagh Bangalore

Lal Bagh Bangalore | Image Resource :

Fountain At Lal Bagh Bangalore

Fountain At Lal Bagh Bangalore | Image Resource :

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore | Image Resource :

The botanical garden has a huge variety of plants and trees and it is said to have the largest collection in the country. A typical Mughal style garden is spread across 240 acres. As we walked along we saw many trees that were centuries old. The garden has a huge collection plants from across the globe. It is a major place where flower shows are organized in the city especially on Republic day and Independence Day. The garden is open to the public everyday between 6:00am to 7:00pm.It is a regular place for joggers and walkers in the early mornings.

Glasshouse At Lalbagh Bangalore

Glasshouse At Lalbagh Bangalore | Image Resource :

The Glasshouse in Lal Bagh is a major attraction as it is a visual treat for all. For a few moments, I thought I was in a fairyland. Beautiful and colorful flowers and lovely green ferns are a breathtaking sight! Peninsular Gneiss is one of the geological monuments installed in the gardens and it is unique. It is a hill made of over 3000-million year old peninsular gneissic rocks.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens - Peninsular Gneiss

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens – Peninsular Gneiss | Image Resource :

Kempe Gowda Tower At Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Kempe Gowda Tower At Lalbagh Botanical Gardens | Image Resource :

Kempe gowda tower on top of the hill is another attraction. You can see the entire view of Bangalore city. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place. We were nearing the time to bid adieu to the garden city. We were traveling back to Ahmedabad by JetKonnect flight scheduled at 9:35pm. All of us were feeling exhausted and all the more sad to say bye to the beautiful city of Bangalore. We packed our bags, I went and completed the checking-out formalities and thanked all the staff for their polite and timely services. Our return journey begins…A new bash is awaiting all of us in Ahmedabad….