Air Traveling By Jetkonnect from Ahmedabad to Bangalore – An Amazing Experience!

Another vacation with my family and I was in the planning process for the past one week. After a family discussion, I planned the trip and fixed the dates. This time it was to Bangalore, the Garden City. Here I wish to share my experience of the flight journey from Ahmedabad to Bangalore. As soon as I had my dates fixed, I called up my travel agent and told him my requirements. He returned with a quick response after an hour, he had already made the reservation on JetKonnect flight.

JetKonnect Aircraft

JetKonnect Aircraft | Image Resource :

JetKonnect is one of my favorite airlines. Though an Economy airline, it serves a great deal with real value for money. And as I am a frequent traveler of jet Airways, I have opportunities to enjoy exclusive privileges. My tickets were for an early morning flight, which was taking off from Ahmedabad at 06:35 hours. My wife was already preparing for the trip two days in advance. So the bags were all packed and all of us were excited about the trip. We left home early in the morning and there no hassles about the accommodation there as we had combined the flight reservation along with hotel accommodation.

I quickly picked my phone to check the flight status, and everything seemed perfect. We reached the airport around 5 a.m. and it was bright and hectic at the Ahmedabad airport. The flight was on time and we picked our bags and walked through. It was boarding time and we had seats booked in a row. I enjoy family vacations and plan frequent vacations to various locations across the country. I still feel there is lot more to discover within India.

Sandwiches And Coffee At Jet Konnect Flight

Sandwiches And Coffee At Jet Konnect Flight | Image Resource :

The journey was seamless. We picked sandwiches and coffee for breakfast. Dining in the skies is something that I love. JetKonnect also offers excellent and light meals that are reasonably priced. It is one of the best Economy services in the country. We were to arrive in Bangalore at 08:45 hours. The time was nearing and we landed on time and as expected from JetKonnect services. We walked out of the airport, all excited and busy discussing our schedule for going around the city.