Iskcon Temple Bangalore – Enter Into A World of Peace and Harmony!

After a thrilling and adventurous day in Bannerghata, next on our schedule was Iskcon temple. It was 16 km away from the hotel where we stayed. As usual, the hotel vehicle picked us in the morning. I had already referred to the darshan timings and we deiced to reach the temple by 11am.It took almost one hour and fifteen minutes for us to arrive at the temple. The mega structure of the temple is alluring. We went into the temple and it seemed to be a very different aura. Divinity, chanting of Krishna slokas, devotees dressed in pure white. What a wonderful surrounding! Even we immerse into a world of peace and divinity.

Iskcon Temple Bangalore

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As it was a month for Bhagavad Gita Parayana Saptaha, a holy month for the Hindus, there were several events organized within the temple. We also walked into the hall where the event was going on. It is a week’s program, and it seems to be the third day. My wife was more keen to attend the Parayana for a while. It seemed interesting as they narrated various instances for the holy Bhagavad Gita. We spent about an hour there and then began to walk around the temple. I felt it was the best way to take a break from work. Temple surroundings can give a lot of peace and joy to every mind.

Unlike other temples, I am always fascinated by the activities of Iskcon temple like cow protection, educating people on culture, social values and heritage. The temple premise also promotes art and culture through Krishna Kalakshetra. Many budding and professional artistes participate in various events organized by the authorities. We also had an opportunity to watch a classical dance performance. We spend a little time watching the amazing upcoming talents. Producing organic and biodynamic foods is another major activity which offers excellent and organic products that help to build health in people.

The most awaited Krishna Lila Theme Park is under construction and I grabbed the opportunity to visit the site and have a look at the magnificent structure. I had seen in newspapers and other sources about the location and the huge structure. It will surely attract a large number of people. Another great day in a great place!