Visit to Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore

Memories of Bangalore place is ever refreshing, we woke up to another morning in Bangalore. We had planned a trip to Hesaraghatta Lake, which was almost 30km away from the city. I had spoken the hotel representative to arrange a vehicle for the trip. We were to leave at 9:30 am. We were all ready and had breakfast at the in-house restaurant. We got into the vehicle and began our journey. It is very hectic to go through the traffic in Bangalore. You need to have ample driving skills and patience to handle the traffic jams. The vehicle was moving very slow and even though the place is not far away, it would take hours to reach. If you are in Bangalore, you can enjoy everything but the traffic in intolerable.

Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore

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We reached around 11.30 am at the location. It is a tranquil area and to my surprise there is nothing much to see except a deteriorating lake. Efforts are being taken to restore the man-made lake. It is a key area for migratory birds. I began to capture pictures of the little I could see. There were a number of kingfishers, little egrets, mynah and Pond herons. These were some of the common bird that we see around us. Let me take this opportunity to throw some light on the location. It is one of the oldest lakes created in 1894. It was mainly to meet the water requirements ofthe city. It was a reservoir built across the Arkavathy River. But as time passed by, the lake began to dry up and the authorities blame even the heavy traffic in the nearby areas that is destroying natural habitat for birds.

The area is more popular for the institutions surrounding the lake. Some of the major buildings are in close vicinity of the lake, as the government aquarium, horticultural institute and Gurukul residential school. We also saw the Government Film and Television institute, Nrityagram, the dance village. Indo-Danish Poultry and Dairy Farms which is dealing with livestock breeding and poultry centers is a main building facing the lake. There is not much to see, one can visit during leisure time to gaze at the birds flocking together amidst the lake.

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