Valluvar Kottam – A Tribute to the Great Legend

Travelling with my family and friends and learning about history is what I enjoy the most. I also love trekking and wildlife. Photography is another of my passions and I never miss taking my SLR camera with me wherever I go.

Chennai is known to possess everything I look for such as the rich culture, temples, shopping places, best food and cuisines and many more. We also intended to do a lot of shopping at Chennai. During the next day we have planned to go to Valluvar Kottam . It took only about 30 minutes to reach this place.

Valluvar Kottam at Chennai

Valluvar Kottam at Chennai | Image Resource:

In the morning I woke up early and enjoyed the rising sun sipping my favorite ginger tea as I do usually. I always looked for some historical places that can promise rich history, heritage and culture.

After breakfast we reached Valluvar Kottam where we took a cab to reach this place. We were accompanied by a guide from the hotel we stay, he explained everything to us. Valluvar Kottam was constructed in 1976 as tribute to the famous Tamil Poet Valluvar who lived in the first century BC. He was a legend and contributed several literary works to Tamil literature.

Valluvar Kottam is a very famous historical tombstone which is devoted to the veteran poet, and saint the Thiruvalluvar. He was a great philosopher too. Tirukural consist of 1334couplets necessary for human life. The Valluvar Kottam is built of 3000 stone blocks and all the 133 chapters of Thirukurals were inscribed in the front corridor. The monument was very beautiful as it was carved in the shape of the temple chariot and the statue of the legendry poet was housed in it.

We were surprised to see this historical commemoration for the poet we had an insightful experience visiting this beautiful place. Chennai is a very hot place but it has many things to offer, I dint too long to take see explore the valluvar kottam. I took many photos me and my family.

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, moreover it is one of the important city and you can find huge shopping mall and other small streets where you can buy cloths. We went for a shopping and bought some cloths and handicrafts. Then we decided to visit chemmozhi poonga in the afternoon.


Annai Velankanni Church, Chennai – Blessings for Good Health and Life

The next day, I woke up to the soothing devotional song at the nearby temple. No wonder, the cities irrespective of any place wake up early. I looked out of the large window watching the city coming to life. My occasional business travels and stays at different places in the country gave me a sense of familiarity of the place.

By then, my wife ordered a cup of tea and sipping the white porcelain cup, I took a deep breath enjoying the fresh aroma of ginger with the tea. Our next visit on the agenda was to Annai Velankanni Church, which is situated in Besant Nagar in Chennai. The buses to Adyar traveled through Besant Nagar, where we should get down at the Eliot’s Beach.

Annai Velankanni Church, Chennai

Annai Velankanni Church, Chennai| Image Resource:

Nevertheless, we took a cab to visit the church, where Mother Mary is offered prayers by the large number of devotees who travel from different parts of the country. The church is located on the vast expanse of the ground offering easy accessibility to people. The building looked pretty well maintained.

I could figure out the history of the church, which dates back to 1971. Under St. Louis Church’s control, the church gained a separate parish with own priest in 1972. It was believed that Mother Mary with infant Jesus appeared in the dream of FR.PT Arulappa and this led to the building of the amazing structure.

We entered the church to find a huge hall, where extension was made to accommodate as many devotees as possible. After offering out prayers and having the blessings of the father, we went around exploring the place. There was a large community hall for the gathering of people; a big museum and classroom was also a part of the church.

Furthermore, I also found a stage constructed on the adjacent ground; I was told that the mass during the festivals are arranged on the stage. We walked back to the church looking carefully the interiors. They were amazing and looked alike in most of the churches in the country.

The offerings to the ‘Lady of Health’ are made by way of candles, and people who are sick offer the candles representing the part of the body to get well soon.

Image of the Week: Fortune Select Palms Chennai

Fortune Select Palms Chennai

Fortune Select Palms Chennai

Fortune Select Palms Chennai: Vannakkam to all the Chennai people! I was here at the Fortune Select Palms during my business trip. And, I would be glad to share with you that I felt lucky enough to spend my time at this luxurious place. You should try the lunch buffet here, not to forget the cocktails! The food of this place is worth every penny!