Visit the Lucknow Zoo to Rediscover the Enthusiasm of a Kid

A new morning arrived and new plans beckoned me to visit the Lucknow Zoo. The presence of the British and their footprints in every part of the country was evident when I was told that the zoo had been constructed to commemorate the arrival of the Prince of Wales in the city. This took place in the year 1921 and since then the zoo has never looked back. It has been looked after well and newer inclusions in the infrastructural and otherwise has kept the visitors interested in this zoo up till now. Spread over a total area of 71.6 acres, the zoo is situated in the heart of the city and hence not very far from my hotel. I took my time to get dressed and so did the rest of the people in the group. The zoo boasted to be home to some 911 animals of approximately 102 species.

Entrance of Lucknow Zoo

Entrance of Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

I reached the zoo and paid the entrance fees duly for all of us to enter what possibly was going to be a lovely experience for all of us. The moment I entered, I was greeted by this historical toy train which had chugged here for all of the three decades until it was removed from tracks and put up for display. Home to animals which are found in India as well from other parts of the world, the zoo is categorically organized to improve visitors’ experiences. The Nocturnal House, the Serpentarium, the Aquarium and many more designated enclosures displayed unique and commonly known animals and birds. The zoo is also equipped with a Food Court and a canteen where one could catch some snacks before enjoying some more in the premise. The water bodies within the zoo provided opportunities for paddle boating which looked very inviting but the heat and lack of breeze prevented us from availing it.

Lucknow Zoo

Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

Train in Lucknow Zoo

Train in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

Animal in Lucknow Zoo

Animal in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

Love Bird in Lucknow Zoo

Love Bird in Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

The newer inclusions in the Lucknow Zoo have been the State Art Museum which attracts people more to view all the relics within the zoo. Half a day was possible less time to explore all the sections of the zoo, but I somehow managed and moved to Wellness Power Yoga & Meditation Centre next.