Wellness Power Yoga & Meditation Centre Lucknow – A Centre Where Holistic Approach to Life Benefits

The zoo done, I went to the most recommended place in Lucknow. Many that I know speak highly of the Wellness Power Yoga & Meditation Centre Lucknow which has been possible by the efforts of Mohit Singh. Blessed to have been tutored by the renowned Mr. Bharat Thakur, Mohit has made the centre popular and likewise the place has set exemplary standards in promoting yoga and meditation. Some of the eminent personalities from politics, famous industrialists and noted people have benefitted by the unique kind of yoga that is practiced here. Although, I could not participate in any of the yoga sessions in such a short span of time, yet I wished to at the very least witness one of the sessions in progress.

Connecting Mind and Body Yoga

Connecting Mind and Body Yoga | Image Resource : wellnesspoweryoga.com/

The place was not visually very remarkable yet I knew that the services being rendered here had been extremely useful for many. Among the services, the centre extended sessions for group yoga, private sessions and also for the kids, there is the kid’s yoga. Simultaneous classes of meditation made one get in sync with the soul and proved very peaceful for the people who are regulars here. The centre also developed a new concept or a sphere of yoga where yoga is being taught to the corporate to minimize their stress levels. I so identified with this one and was especially interested in the workings of such a yoga that could effectively bring down my stress levels. But time constraints had me limit myself to enquiries alone and I could not go any further than that.

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Rainbow Kids Yoga | Image Resource : yoganonymous.com/

Wellness Power Yoga & Meditation Centre Lucknow had within its premise the solution to all the problems through yoga. One just needed believers and staunch followers to make the most of the discipline. The day was close to its conclusion and I braced myself for a nice dinner before I retired for the day. The following day, I had Asafi Masjid Lucknow to go to and going by the success of the rest of the sightseeing trips, this one would also be perfect, I was sure. The city had indeed warmed up to us like none other.


Ayurveda Yoga Villa Kerala – An Experience That Gave Me an Insight into True Kerala

Ayurveda and Yoga are heritages of our nation. And Southern India is the undoubted ruling champion. For innumerable years, the two subjects have piqued the interests of the west and the country too. There have been success stories narrated of how even the most chronic problems have found their solutions in the ancient medical science, Ayurveada and while I was on my tour to this land, I was determined to try for myself and reap the benefits of the ancient sciences. With this intention in mind I had planned to visit the Ayurveda Yoga Villa Kerala. This resort is the most obvious choice for the tourists because of its unique treatments that people receive to take care of their inherent problems, their ailments or for their peace of mind and general body health.

Ayurveda Yoga Villa Kerala

Ayurveda Yoga Villa Kerala | Image Resource : ayurvedayogavilla.com

There are several programs or treatments that the person can opt for while staying in the premise. For the detoxification of the body and the mind, there is the Panchkarma Detoxification and the Rasyana Rejuvenation that people vouch work wonders to cleanse their bodies and mind. A lot of groups could be seen there on wellness vacations looking to beat the stress with the stress management programs. A little inquiry in the resort reception also informed me how people also flock the place for weight management issues and for their general health and beauty. The Herbal Beauty and Skin Care package takes care of the problems that people face due to extensive use of harmful cosmetic products. Situated amidst the forest cover, the setting of the resort is truly remarkable and provides to its guests front seats to the view of Mother Nature.

Ayurveda Yoga Villa

Ayurveda Yoga Villa | Image Resource : maxlifestyle.net

We were spoilt for choices in the Ayurveda Yoga Villa Kerala, while some of the ladies in the group opted for the herbal skin package; the men chose to go with the stress management treatments. Funny, it speaks volumes about the generic pressures on each one of them. The observation was amusing. I took the most rejuvenating detoxification treatment and was good for the next few hours. Next up for the next day was the Napier Museum, Kerala and it had been working exactly like the plan.

Easy Ways to Maintain Strength of Upper Body

I am a financial adviser but I eke out time from my busy schedule to stay healthy. Recently I learnt that bodybuilding is not the only way to maintain the health of the upper body. One can even have healthy forearms through yogic exercises and asanas. Here is how yoga helped me develop my forearms.

Side Plank Pose
The side plank pose is ideal if you wish to develop the muscles of your wrists, core, and arms. This posture is referred to as Vasisthasana in Sanskrit.

Side Plank Pose

Side Plank Pose | Image Resource : managedmoms.com/2011/10/romans-recommended-yoga-pose-for-core-strength-more

Plank Pose
If you wish to tighten the abdominal muscles, you can opt for the plank pose. It is known to make the wrist, spine, and arms stronger. It works wonders on the upper body.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose
This is an ideal pose for upper body strength. It helps to develop the muscles of the upper body. If you want your limbs and arms to have more strength, I would suggest you to practise Dandasana and Chaturanga. These exercises are ideal for developing muscles.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Four-Limbed Staff Pose | Image Resource : dealingwithmyfibromyalgia.blogspot.in

This posture is referred to as the Adho Mukha Vakrasana in Sanskrit. The handstand has several positive impacts on your body. It helps to elongate the abdomen. It also adds strength to the arms, wrist, and muscles.

Supported Headstand
Another yogic posture that is known to improve the strength of your upper body is the supported headstand. The magic of this posture is that it helps to improve various parts of your body. It makes the legs, spine, and lungs stronger. It is prescribed yogic posture for people suffering from asthma, insomnia and similar other health problems.

Supported Handstand

Supported Handstand | Image Resource : bigvisionbusiness.com/why-i-was-just-naked-for-36-hours-straight

These are just a couple of yogic exercises that may help you build your upper body. The body is not accustomed to such exercises and postures. You must thus practice these exercises on alternate days so that the body has enough time to tone itself up. Overworking the muscles are known to have negative impact on the body. These asanas and yogic postures help you develop a healthy upper body even between your hectic routine.