Happy Christmas


Christmas Wish Greetings | Image Resource : bestchristmasmessages.com

Christmas 2016 Wish Greetings : Decorate your home and workplace soon with bells, lightnings and the most important Christmas tree soon to welcome the festival. With lots of hugs and well-wishers, I wish a merry Christmas to all my loved ones. I hope the almighty gifts you beautiful presents of your life.


Appu Ghar Delhi – Icon and Mascot for All Ages

Travelling all the way to Delhi from Ahmedabad was quiet interesting. Till now I was aware of what Delhi says about it. As per my end I can describe Delhi as the merger of two different worlds. One being the Old Delhi, which represents the reigning of Islamic India and the other, New Delhi is the portrayal of the British Raj creation. So basically in aggregate, Delhi integrally is the bridge between the two ends, ancient and contemporary Delhi. However it is for this reason that it is stuffed with countless tourists’ locations. Apart from ancient monuments and formidable mosques, today’s Delhi is the picture of mixed culture. Among tourists haunting places, there lies Appu Ghar Delhi, which is an awesome hub of rides for the kids and adults.

Appu Ghar Delhi

Appu Ghar Delhi | Image Resource: indiatravelpal.com

‘The Father of Indian Amusement Industry’ the saying goes for the NRI man Mr. Gian Vijeshwar. Why not? It is he who continues to appeal the country by delivering global class amusement destinations. The title suits his contribution to the nation. I must say India is the home to varied talents. Now after enough of serious manly discussion I would like to take you to the vivacious rides of the amusement park. It’s a massive domain I would say. It is spread across 18 acres of the area, enough to establish a giant amusement park. Since I am fond of culinary I started with some light snacks. The park is swollen with cheerful multitude and it possesses nearly 22 numbers of rides including My Fair Lady, Speeding Cup, Hi Waves, Columbus, Big Splash and several others. I chose to have rides on some of them.

You know Appu, the name has been derived from the amulet of an elephant hugely constructed on the entrance. Since elephant is a playful animal so the name is given as per that. It depicts the child-like attributes of every person irrespective of age. I enjoyed Go-Karting to the most and managed to accomplish successfully. Appu Ghar Delhi is a lovely memory itself to be cherished for the rest of the life. I was out to visit another of my place of interest, National Rail Museum Delhi.