Inspirational Quotes of The Month By Christopher Reeve


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“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve, This quote by Christopher Reeve has often inspired me and helped me on many occasions. This famous saying had on several instances made me realize that so many of our dreams, at first, seem difficult, then they seem improbable, and then, when we beckon the will, they become certain and inevitable!


Zipline across Sabarmati River: Experience The Adrenaline Rush!


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Zipline across Sabarmati River – Zipline is an adventure sport which caught my fancy recently and I had an opportunity to try it out at the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad. The Zipline is more than 1000 ft long and I got to witness the flowing river below me as I swooped down the Zipline. The adrenaline rush that this sport offered was like none other.

Travel Photo of The Week – Hotel Courtyard Marriott Ahmedabad


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Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad – Hello Friends, this Darshik. I am a 45-year-old family person from Ahmedabad. I love my family and friends. Spending time with my loved ones is very important for me. My job as a Financial Advisor has given me many opportunities to interact with different people. I have learnt that money is important but not more than your family. Therefore, whenever it is possible, I try to hang out with my friends and family. Through my blog, I wish to share my experience with you people.

Happiness Where Only Sky Is The Limit: Paragliding In Manali!

Family is my life and I can never image any moment without them. They are my world to me, and I Darshik Mehta is here yet again with my new blog. Although I am above 45 years, I never stop myself from any adventurous activities. Till date I have travelled to many places with my family and have experienced many adventure sports as well.


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However, I never came across paragliding and I am quite excited to fly like a bird! I have browsed on internet about paragliding activity and found that the best experience can be felt at Manali. There are many places and companies offering safe paragliding in Manali, and I have gained a lot of information on it so that I plan my trip effectively.

What do I know about paragliding?

Well, it is an adventurous activity which helps in free flying with the help of a glider aircraft. The person is given a harness which has a connected wing. The flight will last for a few hours and can cover some particular distance. The basic equipment it consists of are- a wing, harness, radios, GPS unit and variometers.


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My thirst to learn about paragliding and experience it has made me gain much information about it. Now, I am just waiting for the chance to visit Manali! Hope I come across it soon.

Few paragliding places in Manali

In addition to this, I have even grasped some information about few popular paragliding spots in Manali. Solang Valley is a popular place where one can enjoy paragliding along with many other activities. The charge is 3000 INR and the time given for the activity is 30 minutes. The package includes parachute, safety helmet, flight deck and everything which is required.


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Kanyal in Nasogi is another place where you can enjoy paragliding. You can go to Burwa and Kullu as well. Typically, there are many places where you can fulfil your dream. I am already excited to turn my dream to reality and I am ready for it as well. I wish I get the opportunity to go to Manali soon!

Delicious Food of the Week : Kadhi Badi Dish


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Kadhi Badi Dish : I got a chance to taste the Kadhi Badi when I visited Punjab for a friend’s wedding. The dish was made with buttermilk as its base and had dumplings which were similar to Pakodas. The dish itself was spicy and had a touch of sourness from the buttermilk and made for a very satisfying meal.

Viswa Shanti Stupa- The Epitome of Peace and Unity

Next morning I woke up to a peaceful and blissful morning. I sipped my coffee enjoying the ambience of the hotel and its serenity. The experience in the museum was very good and I was thankful to the archeologists for revealing such beautiful past of India to the world. My next destination in my itinerary was the Viswa Shanti Stupa at Rajgiri. It is one of the most popular places to visit here. It magnetizes millions of people from all around the world.


Viswa Shanti  Stupa, Rajgir | Image Resource :

I took a cab to the place, as Rajgiri is around 35 kilometers from the railway station. This place is well- connected with buses and cabs. I reached the place in the morning. This Shanti Stupa is a marvelous structure designed with beautiful spotless white marble.


Beautiful View of Vishwa Shanti Stupa | Image Resource :

It was constructed by the Nichidatsu Fujii who is the founder of Nipponzan-Myohoji. He built this Stupa for the harmony and unity of all people and several such Stupas were built for this reason all around the world. He established several pagodas and this is one among them. Moreover it is one among the famous Buddhists pilgrimage destinations.

The Stupa was built in the year 1969 and one among the 80 Peace Stupas in the world. This marvel of peace is the tallest of all Peace Pagodas in the world and stands majestically 400 meters tall. It holds 4 statues of divine Bhudha on the 4 corners. All the four statues depict the phases of Buddha’s life which are birth, enlightenment, teaching and end of  life.

I walked around the Stupa and explored each and every corner of it. The ropeway connecting the Rajgir hills is an amazing construction. I took a rid in the ropeway. It was an enchanting view to see from the ropeway. Ropeway is another attraction here and you can enjoy a good ride here.


Scenic View of Venuvana, Rajgir | Image Resource :

I could also visit the Venu Vana which is an artificial forest was another magnificent work of the tourism development. There was a famous Japanese temple there; the temple is beautiful, and peaceful. It was time for me to leave Peace pagoda and move to the next destination which was the Jalmandir temple.

Hotel Buddha Heritage – The Perfect Retreat

The next day I was very tired and planned to stay back in the hotel.  From the day when I reached Patna I was traveling and couldn’t get time to explore the facilities and amenities of the Hotel.  The services in the hotel were very good and all the staff was pleasant. They often guided me providing information about the place.


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This luxurious palace Hotel Buddha Heritage is situated in Patna. Designed with latest and most enchanting features and catering to the needs of the guests. This aesthetically designed heritage hotel is very near to Railway station and Bus terminal.


Maharaja Suite, Hotel Buddha Heritage | Image Resource :

Patna being the gateway of numerous Stupas and monasteries of Buddha period the hotel offers best hospitality and best service. All the rooms are elegantly decorated contemporary and international touches of soft colors except the Maharaja Suits. The Maharaja Suits are designed with Rajasthani flair and clothing.

Perhaps this hotel is more suitable for business corporate as it offers plenty of business facilities and amenities. The Buddha hotel group has more than 80 aesthetically designed rooms which cater to the needs of the customers. I walked around this huge property there were banquet halls, outdoor catering facilities, smoking rooms.


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The 5000 sq feet banquet has an exotic new approach. Perhaps this could be one of Patna’s largest banquet halls. There we other banquets of 1000 sq feet Roof top banquet and 600 feet convention hall.

I was pleased to see the facilities such as Air Conditioning with individual control units, Elevator, Telephone , Fully stocked mini bar, Safe deposit locker, LED TV,, Free Wi- Fi internet, Tea and coffee making facilities, Currency exchange, Travel desk, Doctor on call, 24 hours room service, Banquet & Conference Room, Laundry, dry cleaning facilities  restaurant, Pick up and Drop facility and many more.

I was very thankful to this Buddhist retreat. This is one of India’s most charming regions in Bihar. This modern and striking boutique palace fulfills the needs of the all guests and a perfect place to stay in Patna. I spent all my days in Patna as a king in the Buddha heritage.