Happy Christmas


Christmas Wish Greetings | Image Resource : bestchristmasmessages.com

Christmas 2016 Wish Greetings : Decorate your home and workplace soon with bells, lightnings and the most important Christmas tree soon to welcome the festival. With lots of hugs and well-wishers, I wish a merry Christmas to all my loved ones. I hope the almighty gifts you beautiful presents of your life.


Mangalagiri, Vijayawada – The Holiest Shrine of the City

The time had run so fast and I had finally reached the last day of my stay in Vijayawada. My stay in Vijayawada was much satisfying as I had thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the place to the core of my heart’s content. My children and wife also had an awesome time there as the previous day we spent our time at the Rajiv Gandhi Park. My wife had done enough of shopping for herself and I had enjoyed a lot of food and clicked beautiful pictures. As it was the last day of my stay in Vijayawada, I again decided to fold the journey with a visit to a temple. So unanimously we decided to go to the Mangalagiri temple in Vijayawada.

Andhra Pradesh is mostly known for the opulence of cultural forms of lifestyle and the presence of number of traditional temples. Mangalagiri temple is one of them. The temple has two parts where one of the shrines is located atop the hills of Mangalagiri and the other one is located near the foothills. The hill top shrine is dedicated to Pankala Narasimha who is worshipped here and the shrine located in the foothills is dedicated to the consort of the former Lakshmi Narasimha.

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple,Mangalagiri

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple,Mangalagiri | Image Resource : temple-stories.blogspot.in/2010/05/lakshmi-narasimhar-temple-polur.html

The temple was founded by Yudhishtira long ago. The interior of the temple is sculpted with different art forms. Inscriptions found within the temple enfold certain episodes during the reign of the King of Vijayanagara. There is a temple tank placed adjacent to the central part of the temple which is believed to have been created by the God Himself.

lakshmi narasimha temple

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple | Image Resource : wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangalagiri

The temple is followed by large number of tourists. It is said that when a solution of jiggery and water is offered to the deity, it disappears quickly. This is truly one of the most amazing things seen here. Till now it is mystery that where the solution disappears and this unusual occasion is attracted by large numbers of visitors.

There are numbers of festivals celebrated here in the temple during special occasions. The crowd exceeds to a further limit where the festivals are celebrated with much vigor. Festivals like Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanti, Sri Panaka Lakshmi Narasimha, Vaikuntha Ekadasi etc. are major ones.

Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada – A Mini Zoo and an Exciting Fun Point

Photography has always attracted me and for the same reason I am always attracted towards natural environment and places comprising of natural resources. My stay at Vijayawada so far had been awe inspiring. As it was the seventh day of my stay in Vijayawada, I wanted to discover the natural place around the city. Moreover my children are also fond of zoo and natural fauna, so I decided to take them for a trip to the Rajiv Gandhi Park. The park is located at the entrance of the city and a much delightful place to begin with. Perhaps I was quite late to venture this part of Vijayawada, but nonetheless it was better late than never.

rajiv gandhi park, vijayawada

Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada | Image Resource : panoramio.com/photo/53640737

We reached at the Rajiv Gandhi Park in the day time. The park had just opened for the visitors. It usually opens at around 7:30 am in the morning and remains opened till 8:15 pm in the evening, except on Mondays which is a holiday for the park. There are several parts of the park dedicated to a variety of features. There is an educative park within it which represents replicas of ancient and extinct animals like dinosaurs and other pre historic animals. I felt it was the best place for my children till now as they might not enjoyed it very well in the temples and museums.

wooden bridge in Rajiv gandhi park

Wooden Bridge in Rajiv Gandhi Park | Image Resource : panoramio.com/photo/53640737

The park is adorned beautifully and planted with several ornamental plants. Being home to a number of trees and different flora, the park accumulates large numbers of dwellers all through the day. It is a very beautiful place for casual strolling and time pass. Along with all those, the hint of educational features makes it more alluring.

gaerden view rajiv gandhi park, vijayawada

Gaerden View Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada | Image Resource : onefivenine.com/india/Travel/Place/Kakinada

The most striking feature of the park is the musical fountain where the water sprinkles out of the fountain in rhythm with the tunes of the music. Colorful water playfully splash through the entire place providing a kaleidoscopic view to the eyes of the beholders. The place becomes much more attractive after the sun set when you can enjoy for long hours just sitting and watching the splashes of water. The manicured lawns are so well-maintained that would literally fall in love with it. My stay in the park was truly awesome and we all enjoyed it to the core of our content.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Indore – A Home Away From Home

It was about 20 minutes drive from Indore Junction to Radisson Blu Hotel Indore. While driving to the hotel, I could not help but look at the beauty of the city. This early in the morning, with no much traffic, the city looked peaceful and quiet.

I reached the hotel in no time and as with the other Radisson hotels, this one too was an inviting sight. The lobby was well lit, aesthetically done, and spacious and the smiling face of the staff at the reception was welcoming. I gave the details of the room that I had booked online and a porter immediately collected my luggage and directed me towards my room.

Radisson Blu Hotel Indore Superior Room

Radisson Blu Hotel Indore Superior Room | Image Resource : iiti.ac.in/WW2012/accomodation.htm

Having booked a superior room for myself, I entered into a huge room with a king-size bed, wardrobe, an armchair and an ottoman. My eyes fell on a work desk and I was happy because I knew I would have to do my office work at the end of the day each day.

Accommoadations Radisson Blu Hotel Indore

Accommoadations Radisson Blu Hotel Indore | Image Resource : radissonblu.com

After tipping the porter, I first called home and spoke with my family. Having confirmed with each other that things were fine, I called the room service for tea and the morning paper, which I, as a guest, can enjoy as a part of the service. As with all the Radisson hotels that I stayed, here too, the hotel provided me with bottles of complimentary packaged mineral drinking water.

Having had my tea, I showered in the spacious three-fixture bathroom. The bathrobes were clean. I set the temperature of the room to my convenience, got ready and sat down to plan the day. I mailed my clients and checked out the places that I could visit on that day. The internet service was excellent and while I awaited responses from the clients, I went down to the restaurant to have breakfast.

Veg Sandwich And Juice

Veg Sandwich And Juice | Image Resource : findmeabreak.me

I normally do not call for room service. While waiting for my breakfast to arrive, I made a mental note to use the hotel’s pool one day. Oh! How relaxing that would be! My breakfast of double grilled veg sandwich and juice arrived. By the time I finished my breakfast and went back to the room, it was 9AM Tuesday morning. I knew that the next few days’ stay at Radisson Blue hotel, Indore would be pleasant.

First Class Travel by GNC Indore Express – Luxury beyond Your Imagination

Hello Friends, I am back after my journey to Indore last week. It was a journey to remember and I would like to describe the places that I visited, and take you on a journey of Indore, through my eyes! As per plan, I reserved my tickets with GNC Indore Express (train no.19309) for travel on Monday.

GNC Indore Express

GNC Indore Express | Image Resource : flickr.com/photos/mayankbrc/8225845969

The starting point of the train is Gandhinagar and it reaches Ahmedabad Junction at 7.25 PM, with a 20-minute halt there. I had booked my First Class AC coach tickets online and had the confirmation of the ticket on my Blackberry. As per the rules, I had also carried my original photo identity proof, as I always do.

I reached the station at 6.45 PM and awaited the arrival of the train. ADI station is huge and it is the second busiest station in Gujarat. I could see people everywhere – on the platforms, at the eateries inside the platform and in the waiting rooms. The train arrived at the station at 7.30 PM, five minutes late. I got into the First Class coach, found my seat and settled down.

Travelling in the I-AC coach was almost similar to travelling on flight, the only difference being the hours that it takes to reach the destination. However, the time did not matter to me as I could get a good sleep in the plush cubicle with cosy seats. I preferred to order food on the train rather than carrying it myself. The food was to arrive at 8.30 PM and I had an hour to spend before I could have my supper and sleep. The train started moving at 7.50 PM.

I had downloaded the timetable of the train on my phone and going through it, I learnt that Indore was the last station and the train would reach the destination at 6.30 AM. The sooner it reached, the better it would be for me to plan the day. The total time from ADI Junction to Indore Junction is approximately 11 hours.

After supper, I went into a deep sleep and woke up the next day at 6 AM. GNC Indore Express reached the destination station at 6.45 AM. When I exited the station, I found my cab, which I booked online, waiting to take me to the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Train travel with Family in Gujarat Mail – the First Chapter in My Vacation

Both my children wanted the same window seat. I have always known this that whether it is business or family, there is always room for negotiations to overcome every hurdle, so I got to work. It was difficult but Rahul being the elder had to sacrifice the spot for his sister Alpa. Once the matter was resolved I concentrated on adjusting the luggage for our convenience. It was just a train travel to Dadar by Gujarat Mail, and I had already put my skills as an advisor to good use. Sangeeta, my wife was already settled and for reasons unknown to me, she kept smiling while I fidgeted with every article around. It reminded me of the morning when she had carelessly referred to my age being the reason of my nagging. It can’t be but I was anyway amused.

Gujarat Mail

Gujarat Mail | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The train departed promptly at 10 pm and once we all were comfortable, Sangeeta took out the dinner. As a typical Gujarati, I had made sure that she packed the entire food at home. We were going to eat outside food as such in the following days of the trip. The train was expected to reach Dadar by six in the morning, so breakfast was really not an issue. The kids had their respective gadgets to occupy their time and I was at peace because the headphones ensured I would not be subjected to the blaring noise of rock music or the irritating hum of the gaming device. Yet, it was disappointing that instead of a normal family conversation we were all busy doing our things. It used to be different when I was younger, my brother and I would play games like ludo or cards on such journeys.

I secured the latch of the door to our compartment for the night and prepared to sleep with my alarms set for the following morning. I am 45 now but still that train travel with family to dadar excited me and I looked forward to the trip. We had booked our stay at Kohinoor Park Hotel, Mumbai.