Chitralekha Udyan Assam- Ideal for Children

After exploring the Hayagriva Madhava temple, we were a bit hungry and so we had our lunch at a roadside restaurant on the way. I am an avid lover of food and was extremely happy to taste noodles and various other dishes in their true form. From there, we moved on to our next destination which is known as Chitralekha Udyan Assam. It is also known as Cole Park and located close to the heart of Tezpur. We were simply fascinated by the picturesque construction of the park.


Chitralekha Udyan Assam | Image Resource :

One of the visitors told us that both the names i.e. Cole Park and Chitralekha Udyan are synonymous and not different. He also told us that the name of the park has been derived from a love story of Aniruddha and Usha, found in Agnigarh. The park acts as a host to different types of painting and drawing competitions organized by schools located nearby. Inside the park, we could spot the famous Bhomoraguri inscriptions which showcase plans of building a bridge over the Brahmaputra. Incidentally, there is a bridge called Koila Bhomora Setu at the same site.


Koila Bhomora Setu | Image Resource :

We also went to the pond where we hired a paddle boat and had some fun. After that, we moved on to the next section of amusements called Bumping Cars. We could see that the cars were brand new and in good condition which clearly showed. My child was also fascinated to have a sight of Valiant MIG 21 which is considered to be one of the premiere jet fighter models of the Indian aviation industry. The actual aircraft is considered to be the first supersonic airplane to become a part of Indian Air Force.


Jet Fighter Monument, Chitralekha Udyan | Image Resource :

There was a map of the country’s states as existed before 2000 and made of concrete. We also had fun near the lake where small sized paddle boats and rowing are allowed. The name of the park is derived from its founder Mr. Cole. It came into existence in the year 1906 and comprises of a restaurant, open air theatre and beautifully decorated walkways. We also came to know that the park underwent renovation in 1996 due to the efforts of the then Deputy Commissioner, Mr. MGVK Bhanu


Be Ready To Get Mesmerized With the Excellent Services of the Residency Tourist Resort Guwahati

On landing at the Guwahati Airport, we were spell bound with the serene and tranquil ambience. We found that life in this city is extremely peaceful and smooth in comparison to what we lead in Ahmedabad. We were a bit tired due to the jet lag and so we hired an AC cab to head straight to the hotel we had booked online. We reached The Residency Tourist Resort Guwahati in no time and were welcome warmly in traditional north eastern style.


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It is located in front of the Assam Secretariat at a distance of 23 km from the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport. It offers conference as well as banquet facilities and boasts of lush green lawns and huge parking space with an ability to house around 100 guests at a time. We were amazed with the elegance and charm of the serene atmosphere created in the lap of Mother Nature. The weather was extremely cool and enabled us to get rid of the tiredness easily. We had booked a residency suite for ourselves as we didn’t want to compromise with luxury.


Assam Secretariat | Image Resource :

The staff members were extremely friendly and made sure that we didn’t face any kind of problem. We were very impressed with their professional attitude and the high standards of hospitality offered by the hotel. Some of the members of the hotel told us that they are planning ways of expanding the hotel and setting a new benchmark in terms of quality. One can easily select from four different types of rooms such as Residency Suite, Corporate Suite, executive club rooms and executive rooms.


Executive Rooms of Residency Tourist Resort

One of the best things about the resort is that it gives more preference to quality rather than quantity. It is due to this reason that it has just 10 rooms but each one of them is bound to blow your mind. We came to know that the check in and check out time of the hotel is at 12PM but since we had booked online, they relaxed their rules and did the needful. Our room was equipped with intercom, mini bar, LCD TV, coffee or tea maker.

Photo Of The Week : Haflong Lake Assam


Haflong Lake Assam | Image Resource:

Haflong Lake Assam : Located not too far from the heart of the city, you can find the Haflong Lake. The colorful gardens and natures greenery creates heaven on earth. I spend a lot of time here and I am totally glad I did. I could click some amazing shots too. I recommend anyone to visit this lake on your Assam trip.


Guwahati Planetarium Assam- A Treat for Science Enthusiasts

After exploring the Kamakhya Temple in a complex full of many temples, we moved on towards our next destination which was the Guwahati Planetarium Assam. It is considered to be an all exclusive astronomical research centre in this part of the world.


Kamakhya Temple Assam | Image Resource:

We had to pay a very nominal entry fee of Rs 30 per person for entering the planetarium and enjoying the sky shows. One of the members told us that the planetarium stays open on six days, except Sunday, from 11pm to 4pm.

The presence of the unique dome and slopes of walls make it an unparalleled beauty in the entire north eastern part of India. Inside the planetarium, we spotted the Goto GX instrument found in Japan. The hardware of the instrument works on the principle of GX Starfield projector and is composed of high quality theatre like sound system along with 60 projectors to render out of the box special effects.


Guwahati Planetarium | Image Resource:

The software on which the entire equipment functions belongs to Goto as well. We came to know that in addition to the daily shows, the Planetarium frequently organizes different types of conferences, workshops and seminars related to the astronomy field.

The planetarium is also known for arranging outdoor viewing provisions and quizzes at the time of eclipses. There is a library which maintains a huge collection of some of the most unique space oriented books. There is no doubt about the fact that Guwahati Planetarium Assam is a great way of reaching out to the younger section of the society and inspiring them with fascinating scientific facilities. The planetarium also enables students to explore the different types of items being assembled by human explorers for centuries.

In addition to the common sky watching programs organized by professionals, there were some special shows which utilize an overhead screen created on the dome shaped ceiling. Despite being a person from commerce, I was extremely impressed after gathering knowledge about the extent to which science has advanced. We came to know that the Planetarium organizes shows in English, Hindi and Assamese. The planetarium is equipped with all the things which can keep a science enthusiast busy.

Image of the Week : Diphu Hill Station Assam

Diphu Hill Station Assam

Diphu Hill Station Assam | Image Resource :

Diphu Hill Station Assam : The fascinating and charming views from Diphu Hill Station are a true feast for one’s eyes. I’m glad I visited this hill station on my last visit to Assam. I could capture some of earth’s divine beauties. The misty and foggy atmosphere creates a heavenly ambiance.

Kamakhya Temple Assam – Ideal for Tantric Lovers

After spending a day relaxing and exploring the areas close to the hotel, we had a solid sleep and got up early the next day. This is because we didn’t want to be late in beginning our wonderful trip and we had many places to cover. We had breakfast at the hotel and left for our first destination which was the famous Kamakhya Temple. It is basically a temple made for Hindus with Goddess Kamakhya being the main deity worshipped.

Kamakhya Temple Assam

Kamakhya Temple Assam | Image Resource :

We came to know that the locals also call it by the name of Kamrup Kamakhya and regard it to be a part of the very old 51 Shakti Pithas. One of the best things about the temple is that takes the centrestage in a complex full of temples dedicated to ten different Mahavidyas namely Baga lamukhi, Sodashi, Bhairavi, Chhinnamasta, Tara, Kali, Matangi, Kamala, Dhumavati and Bhuvaneshwari. We came to know that many people, especially believers of Tantric magic, visit the temple from different corners of the country.

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple | Image Resource :

One of the administrators of the temple informed us that the responsibility of the activities of the temple has been handed over to Bordewri Samaj from Kamakhya Debutter Board according to the directives of the SC. We knew that the temple has been built in a style known as Nilachal type which has resulted due to the combination of the constructional features and the numerous modifications that have taken place between eighth and seventeenth centuries. The temple basically stands as a cruciform base over which there is a hemispherical shaped dome.

There are four chambers inside the temple and these include three mandapas namely natamandira, pancharatna and calanta in addition to the garbhagriha. The garbhagriha is in the form of a pancharatha resting over plinth moldings.

We could find many beautiful sculptures of Ganesha and many different Hindu Gods. One of the locals informed us that the temple is a great place for practicing tantric and attracts a large number of devotees during the annual festival called Ambubachi Mela. Other festivals celebrated inside the temple include Manasha Puja, Navaratri and Durga Puja.

My Travel Journey from Ahmedabad to Guwahati Was Tiring But Extremely Comfortable

Being a financial advisor by profession, I am able to earn enough to support my family well. With the passage of time, I have grown to be wise enough to learn that family and friends are way more important than money. I have seen many of my colleagues involved in the same profession who have dedicated their lives only to earn more and more money; and in the process, have sacrificed their loved ones. But I believe in the fact that everything should be given the attention it deserves.

Money is important to lead a happy life but it’s your friends and family who are going to remember you for the amount off live you show to them. Whenever I get an opportunity such as a vacation of a weekend break, we make plans to explore different parts of India. During such trips, I explore the luxurious of facilities available.

I also love to stay fit and fine with various practices such as meditation and yoga. Another thing which mesmerizes me a lot is photography. Whenever I travel to any new destination, I love to keep the moments captured with my high quality DSLR.

Jet Airways Flight

Jet Airways Flight | Image Resource :

Since my son had his summer vacations, I took leave from work for some days so that we could enjoy a family trip to Guwahati. This is due to the fact that we had never been to the north eastern part of the country. Additionally, Guwahati is considered to be one of the most serene and beautiful spots and has the ability to charm you with its pleasant weather. There was no direct route to travel from Ahmedabad to Guwahati. So I opened the flight booking app and searched for ways to reach Guwahati. We decided to make a break journey through Jet Airways.

Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport

Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport | Image Resource :

We boarded the first flight from Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Airport Ahmedabad (AMD) at 2:35 PM and reached Delhi at 4:05 PM. From there, we boarded our next flight at 8:45PM and reached Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport at 7:20AM the next day. Both the Jet Airways flights were right on time; and I thanked the flight booking app as it had enabled me to make all the arrangements without any hassle.