How to Attain Financial Security Before 30

Financial planning and financial security are last things to come in the minds of people aged below thirty. It is an age when people tend to be more carefree. They do not waste their time planning. I have just realised that there are some quick and easy ways to stay financially secure at the age of thirty and thought I must share it with you.

Financial Security

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Begin with Making Best Use of Time
In the struggle to make money, many people fail to live their life to the fullest. There is no sense earning money if you have to take out time, which you would otherwise spend, with your family and loved ones. Money may come again but not your age. You must make sure you enjoy this time of your life to the fullest.

Recognise That You Are Your Biggest Financial Asset
There is no sense earning money putting your health at stake. When you grow old, you may have ample money but what is the use if you are not in the health to enjoy it. Make sure you stay fit and healthy.

Plan for a Secure Future
It is necessary to have a foolproof plan about your future. There is no use hoarding money if you have no plan how you are going to put it to the best use.

Set Short Term Goals and Try to Achieve Them
You cannot always do financial planning for 20 years and expect it to work well. Instead, make a plan for short time spans and make sure it is successful.

Maintain A Balance between What You Earn and Spend
Make sure you have control on the money you spend. Do not spend more than you earn. Maintain a balance so that you always have reserve money.

These are just simple ways to turn financially secure before 30. Many people forget that our age and the time with our loved ones is more valuable than earning money. If you have health and the mindset to earn, money will come anytime of your life.


Taj Gateway Hotel, Vijayawada – For a Luxurious Stay

I landed in the Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with my family in the night. As Vijayawada was far from Hyderabad at a distance of some 300 kilometers, I had already booked train tickets for the travel to Vijayawada. The train journey in First Class compartment was quite comfortable and our journey was quite decent. We reached Vijayawada in the next day early morning and went to the Taj Gateway Hotel, Vijayawada directly as I had booked rooms in it. The hotel is at a distance of just 4 kilometers from the Vijayawada Railway Station so we reached in just 5 minutes.

Taj Gateway Hotel Vijayawada

Taj Gateway Hotel Vijayawada | Image Resource :

The location of the hotel is amidst the Vijayawada city, quite close to the railway station and other lookout places. Several visiting places like Undavalli Caves and kana Durga temple are located in the close proximity to the hotel. Moreover being located quite close to station and bus stand, it was easy for us to travel from one place to another.

Standard Room Taj Gateway Hotel

Standard Room Taj Gateway Hotel | Image Resource :

The hotel is quite luxurious and provided us spacious rooms. I had booked two luxury rooms for all four of us. While my children shared a room, I and my wife stayed in another room adjacent to theirs. The rooms are all elegantly maintained with all luxurious sophistications, including a mini bar, refrigerator, air conditioner, LED television set, room heater, tea/coffee maker, Jacuzzi, telephone line and free Wi-Fi connection.

The upscale hotel provides the bedazzling service of tea lounge, bar, variety of restaurants and coffee shop. Other than these, the hotel also sports a beautiful swimming pool, a boutique, multipurpose spa and gym center. Other essentials like first aid kit, travel help desk, multi-cuisine options, concierge, front desk and bar services are also provided to the guests of the hotel.

Being a diehard food lover, the hotel gave me very beautiful options to try out different cuisines of the state. Apart from South India dishes, several north Indian and continental dishes were also served in the hotel. There are a series of eateries available in the hotel such as Bay leaf Indian restaurant, Sugar & Spice, G-Bar and GAD. With all these, the staying experience at the Taj Gateway Hotel, Vijayawada became more satisfying.

Plan your finances and live happily

Being a Financial Advisor, it is quite normal that family and friends turn to me for financial advice. However, there is one area I assist is managing “personal finance.” This particular term may seem daunting to many however if done correctly can be quite effective.

Personal Finance Planning

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There are some expense that we cannot ignore such as purchasing something important, starting a business, any sort of unexpected expenditure, raising a child and its education. Such a pressurizing situation can make a person go insane. You may have to sacrifice many things during such circumstances. However, if you have planned your personal budget well then dealing with such expenses will become a lot easier for you in the future. For this, one needs to have a concrete financial plan.

Anytime things can happen in life and one cannot predict its course. You are always at a risk of losing your regular income. A person’s income can come to a halt due to many reasons such as accidents or losing a job. Accidents are often insured (it is very crucial to have such insurance) whereas there is no insurance for losing a job.

Financial Requirements

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Even a person with a perfect financial plan would never want this to happen, despite of saving and all other factors required to deal with the situation. Hence, it is a high time for all those who have not yet started planning their financial expenses. The most effective technique of handling such a situation is to save some money for emergencies. Such an initiative will help you to survive during difficult times and assist in dealing with income shortage.

Manage your monthly budget. Make sure to incorporate your additional incomes such as incentives, cash award, festive bonus or any other incomes towards the emergency fund. While planning your contingency saving, try to visualize your future investment. This will help you plan better.

Often during financial crises, one may think of applying for loans. During such situation, people also fall prey to various privates loan shark who provide quick assistance but charge heavy interest. Planning your finance well will offer you the required peace of mind in the future.

Importance of Finance in Business – Find Sources to Hold On To Great Opportunities!

With a considerable experience in finance and being a 45-year old financial advisor I love to talk about finance. Every business big or small constantly strives for expansion. Many times opportunities become a dilemma when there are not many organic funds to take care of upcoming requirements. In this highly competitive world, business expansion is necessary for a long-lasting survival. Business finance is therefore the backbone of all businesses. There are no conditions as to the types of businesses that can seek financial help. Whether it is a proprietary concern, family business, small business or even the business tycoons, everything or everyone depends on business finance. As the options today are boundless, you can find sources easily.

Utility of business loans can be of various types. You can use it to expand business, discover new sectors or hold up business during tough times of losses. So business loans are a companion all through the venture and are a helping hand during boom and loss periods. As long as there are funds to support your business, nothing can become a standstill. It is true that beginning of any venture will expect all success, but there may be times when you have to climb further to survive. Opportunities may come and go, but it is important that you do not lose an important step that can make a difference to your business.

Key issues in Financing for a Profit Or Non-profit Business

Key issues in Financing for a Profit Or Non-profit Business | Image Resource :

Finance business is therefore a booming sector but it is important for a business man to approach the right source and decide on the amount of funds. Spending over and above capabilities can lead to major losses. Do not miss a great break, but concentrate on the existing concern too. The best way is to approach business finance companies that can guide and assist you to new ventures. Such companies can help you get through daily operations as well as huge success in the future.

Business finance is therefore a major aspect in all types of businesses. Sufficient finance is the best way to manage and keep the business running. It is important for business growth, to be a prospective competitor, to manage present business, protect business reputation and maintain customer relations. Whether it is short-term or long-term, business loans are available for different kinds of businesses.