Wellness Power Yoga & Meditation Centre Lucknow – A Centre Where Holistic Approach to Life Benefits

The zoo done, I went to the most recommended place in Lucknow. Many that I know speak highly of the Wellness Power Yoga & Meditation Centre Lucknow which has been possible by the efforts of Mohit Singh. Blessed to have been tutored by the renowned Mr. Bharat Thakur, Mohit has made the centre popular and likewise the place has set exemplary standards in promoting yoga and meditation. Some of the eminent personalities from politics, famous industrialists and noted people have benefitted by the unique kind of yoga that is practiced here. Although, I could not participate in any of the yoga sessions in such a short span of time, yet I wished to at the very least witness one of the sessions in progress.

Connecting Mind and Body Yoga

Connecting Mind and Body Yoga | Image Resource : wellnesspoweryoga.com/

The place was not visually very remarkable yet I knew that the services being rendered here had been extremely useful for many. Among the services, the centre extended sessions for group yoga, private sessions and also for the kids, there is the kid’s yoga. Simultaneous classes of meditation made one get in sync with the soul and proved very peaceful for the people who are regulars here. The centre also developed a new concept or a sphere of yoga where yoga is being taught to the corporate to minimize their stress levels. I so identified with this one and was especially interested in the workings of such a yoga that could effectively bring down my stress levels. But time constraints had me limit myself to enquiries alone and I could not go any further than that.

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Rainbow Kids Yoga | Image Resource : yoganonymous.com/

Wellness Power Yoga & Meditation Centre Lucknow had within its premise the solution to all the problems through yoga. One just needed believers and staunch followers to make the most of the discipline. The day was close to its conclusion and I braced myself for a nice dinner before I retired for the day. The following day, I had Asafi Masjid Lucknow to go to and going by the success of the rest of the sightseeing trips, this one would also be perfect, I was sure. The city had indeed warmed up to us like none other.


Top Blogging Techniques for Exceptional Blogs

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With a job profile of a financial advisor, I have been associated with a private firm for more than two decades now. At this time, I could say that my chosen field of work is satisfying.

Satisfying? A desk job of around 8 hours is obviously satisfying, but not that pleasing for one reason or another. Never mind.

What I would like to say here is that my desk job rarely allows me to explore things and express myself. Owing to which, I have taken up blogging lately. Yes! I have just set up my personal blog, where I post blogs about anything and everything.

blog poster

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Nevertheless, before anything else, I would like to share top advanced blogging techniques with which you too can come up with exceptional blogs.

To start with, every new blogger should try to be keen towards-

  • Mastering the art of blogging not only with a unique style of writing but also paying attention to the type of content being provided to the readers.
  • Stay focussed throughout the life of your blog and do not deviate from the goal.
blog Meaning

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Although I have just begun with adding new posts on a scheduled basis, I had these following things in mind at the outset-

  • Blog weekly, at least 2-3 times without breaking the cycle.
  • Express your thoughts in blogs, but also try to tap on the essence of the information shared.
  • Post engaging, valuable, and information-rich blogs.
  • Coordinate blogs with relevant images or video clips to enhance your target audience’s reading experience.

Believe me, it is much easier if you plan your posts and know the information well beforehand you start writing about it.

full time bloging

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Finally, whether you are an experienced blogger or a novice, there are always certain pointers that are good to consider before drafting blog posts. Here are a few of them –

  • Context, and not content, is king, as the move is slowly drifting to off-page ranking from on-page factors. In short, search engines are now paying attention to who has written the content, with what is it linked to, and who read/shared it and so on.
  • Do not convince your readers but try inspiring them. It assures credibility.
  • Ask engaging questions rather than giving out answers.
  • Seek for building relationships rather than driving traffic.
  • Stay humble as much as you can and do not even try to run into charismatic personality on the web.

Therefore, good luck with the blogging! Off to post mine!

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