Happiness Where Only Sky Is The Limit: Paragliding In Manali!

Family is my life and I can never image any moment without them. They are my world to me, and I Darshik Mehta is here yet again with my new blog. Although I am above 45 years, I never stop myself from any adventurous activities. Till date I have travelled to many places with my family and have experienced many adventure sports as well.


Paragliding Activities in Manali | Image Resource: advantureinmanali.blogspot.com

However, I never came across paragliding and I am quite excited to fly like a bird! I have browsed on internet about paragliding activity and found that the best experience can be felt at Manali. There are many places and companies offering safe paragliding in Manali, and I have gained a lot of information on it so that I plan my trip effectively.

What do I know about paragliding?

Well, it is an adventurous activity which helps in free flying with the help of a glider aircraft. The person is given a harness which has a connected wing. The flight will last for a few hours and can cover some particular distance. The basic equipment it consists of are- a wing, harness, radios, GPS unit and variometers.


Eye Dropping View of Paragliding Activities | Image Resource: awesometravelblogs.com

My thirst to learn about paragliding and experience it has made me gain much information about it. Now, I am just waiting for the chance to visit Manali! Hope I come across it soon.

Few paragliding places in Manali

In addition to this, I have even grasped some information about few popular paragliding spots in Manali. Solang Valley is a popular place where one can enjoy paragliding along with many other activities. The charge is 3000 INR and the time given for the activity is 30 minutes. The package includes parachute, safety helmet, flight deck and everything which is required.


Paragliding Activities Spots in Manali | Image Resource: manalideals.com

Kanyal in Nasogi is another place where you can enjoy paragliding. You can go to Burwa and Kullu as well. Typically, there are many places where you can fulfil your dream. I am already excited to turn my dream to reality and I am ready for it as well. I wish I get the opportunity to go to Manali soon!


Experience The Lovely View Of The Magical Neemrana City From The Neemrana Fort!

The Neemrana Fort palace is located on the highway which joins Delhi and Jaipur. It provides a perfect getaway for the people of Delhi and Jaipur. The fort dates back to 15th century and it was later converted into a heritage hotel. It has beautiful hanging gardens and provides a calming and a serene view from the rooms.


Beautiful Neemrana Fort Palace | Image Resource: en.wikipedia.com

They have a pool called the Sooraj Kund which is solar heated. The pool is perfect if the guests want to go for a dip in the evening. Since the fort is located on a hill top and the pool is situated on the edge of the fort, it provides an enthralling view of the town below. It is especially breathtaking and magical in the evenings when the town is lit up with the lights.


New Section of Neemrana Fort Palace | Image Resource: sid-thewanderer.com

The fort has rooms which are divided based on the amenities they provide. The Uma Vilas is located much higher than the other rooms and offers lovely views of the town as well as the famous garden surrounding the fort. The Hara Mahal provides for a royal stay with 16th century paintings and artifacts adorning the rooms.

The Neemrana Fort Is All About Royalty And Luxury.

The Chandra Mahal does not disappoint its guests in this regard. It was originally the hall of justice in the palace and has balconies which open up to views of the surrounding hills. Neemrana Fort also has French influences in it and the Francisi Mahal is a suite which is an example to this.


Night View of Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace | Image Resource: indianholiday.com

The suite is decorated with delicate architecture and opulent suite dotted with king sized beds which are comfortable. The Sheela Mahal comes with a royal looking swing and large rooms which open up to views of the Suraj Kund pool below. The Neemrana Fort serves authentic and sumptuous home style Rajasthani food to its guests. There are many weekend activities and cultural programs for entertainment. They also arrange for guides to tour the palace and the surrounding areas which are of high historical importance.

Patna Museum- A Place to Explore the Past of Bihar

I spent more than 3 hours in the Sanjay Ghandhi Udyan and the sound of animals and chirping of birds were very enticing. I left the park around 12 am and headed towards my next destination the Patna Museum where I could explore the history of Patna.


View of Patna Museum | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

As I love to visit the famous places and explore the history I loved this place which offered an opportunity to explore the rich heritage and culture of Patna.  The Museum was established in 1917 and it is one of the must places and a famous tourist spot in the city. I entered the museum; I was very pleased to see the displays exhibited there. Vast collections of artifacts of past were kept which were excavated from different places in Bihar.


Aerial View of Patna Museum | Image Resource : atomaviation.com

It showcased the rich culture, tradition history and art of the region. The sculptures exhibited the Gandhara style which is otherwise called as ‘Greeco – Buddhist’ form of art. Other sculptures and artifacts were of Mathura and Kushana Period. The blue-schist characteristics of the sulputes made them very unique.  I was astonished to see the galleries. I walked through galleries to explore the different culture of Patna.


Yakshini Sculpture Patna Museum | Image Resource : youbihar.com

Apart from this several Bodhisattvas were displayed. It also holds the holy ashes of Buddha. By the sight of the holy ashes a positive aura spread throughout my body and I felt myself rejuvenated with the divinity.

This huge archeological collection has many things to tell about the past of Patna. These significant remains showcased the excellence of the artists and sculptors of that period. Iwas spell bound to see some collections which were dated back in the first millennium. Several stone sculptures, paintings bronze statues were also displayed.

It was getting late and it was time for me to leave the place. I left the museum praising the history, culture and heritage of our past. I reached my hotel room had a good bath in the swimming pool. I cherished the beauty of the sculputures and artifacts found in the museum. I was astonished by the glory of our past and proud to be an India which has rich heritage and culture.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Royal Bhutan Monastery Bodhgaya


View of Royal Bhutan Monastery Bodhgaya | Image Resource : kerrisreligionthoughts.wordpress.com

Royal Bhutan Monastery Bodhgaya : Royal Bhutan Monastery at Bodh Gaya is one of the popular places famous worldwide. It features carvings of Lord Buddha that looks serene. As a tribute to Buddha, this monastery was built by the King of Bhutan. The Lord Buddha statue inside the temple of the monastery is carved with the Buddhist symbols and scriptures. After visiting this historic place I was literally flabbergasted and hence I would like to recommend all to visit this place at least once in your lifetime.

Destination of The Week : Great Buddha Statue Bodhgaya


View of Great Buddha Statue Bodhgaya | Imge Resource : skyscrapercity.com

Great Buddha Statue Bodhgaya :  The enlightening and grandiose Buddha Statue located in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, is a world famous religious site. People from different corners of the world visit this place. It is believed that Gautama Buddha obtained Enlightenment under a Bodhi tree at this location. You will be surprised to know that this place is one of the important pilgrimage places among four for Buddhists. The huge statue is crafted in a mediating position spreading calmness in its surrounding.

Destination of The Week : Bodhi Tree Bodhgaya


Bodhi Tree Bodhgaya | Image Resource : 500px.com

Bodhi Tree Bodhgaya : The Bodhi Tree, famously known as the Peepal tree is a very old and large sacred tree located in Bodh Gaya, India. It is said that under this tree Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment or Bodhi. If you look closely this tree has heart-shaped leaves. Make it a priority on your itinerary to visit this place and experience its beauty.

The Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna – An Ideal Place for Nature Lovers

My flight journey was very comfortable and I was very happy to book Hotel Budha Heritage for my stay at Patna.  The services offered were very pleasing.  I spent my rest of the evening in the hotel enjoying the ambience of the hotel. The next day I thought of visiting Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park which is very near to Patna Jn.


Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna | Image Resource : thenomadicguy.wordpress.com

The park is situated just 2 kilometers away from the Patna Railway station and Airport. I reached the Udyan around 9 am after a good breakfast at the hotel. The entry fee was Just 15 and I was surprised by the nominal entry fee. It is just Rs 5 for the children.


Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Entrance | Image Resource :  topnews.in

From the descriptions and instructions provided on the notice board I came to understand that the park was establish in1969. This public zoo spreads more than 34 acres of land later in 1972 it the public work department contributed another 58.20 acres to forest department and developed it further.

The publican vist the park from 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. The whole park was very calm and all the animals were kept in an organized way in their natural habitat. I walked in the park enjoying the beautiful birds and animals kept in their natural habitat. Many of the animals were kept in cages.

This zoological park has more than 10,000 trees of 300 species. This natural habitat is regarded as the 16th largest zoo in India. I explored the diversity of plants and animals. Apart from this the children can enjoy in the children park and the toy train which runs through the park was truly magnetizing. It is also known for preserving one horned Rhinos and has maximum number of Rhinos after USA.


Rhinoceros In Sanjay Gandhi Park | Image Resource : patnalocal.com

I could see several birds and animals such as white peacock, giraffe, Indian rhinoceros, jackal, spotted deer, black buck, ghariyal, leopard, elephants, crocodile, tiger, hill myna and clouded leopard, zebra, emu, python, monkeys, hippopotamus. More than 11 lakhs people visit this place in a Year.