Experience The Lovely View Of The Magical Neemrana City From The Neemrana Fort!

The Neemrana Fort palace is located on the highway which joins Delhi and Jaipur. It provides a perfect getaway for the people of Delhi and Jaipur. The fort dates back to 15th century and it was later converted into a heritage hotel. It has beautiful hanging gardens and provides a calming and a serene view from the rooms.


Beautiful Neemrana Fort Palace | Image Resource: en.wikipedia.com

They have a pool called the Sooraj Kund which is solar heated. The pool is perfect if the guests want to go for a dip in the evening. Since the fort is located on a hill top and the pool is situated on the edge of the fort, it provides an enthralling view of the town below. It is especially breathtaking and magical in the evenings when the town is lit up with the lights.


New Section of Neemrana Fort Palace | Image Resource: sid-thewanderer.com

The fort has rooms which are divided based on the amenities they provide. The Uma Vilas is located much higher than the other rooms and offers lovely views of the town as well as the famous garden surrounding the fort. The Hara Mahal provides for a royal stay with 16th century paintings and artifacts adorning the rooms.

The Neemrana Fort Is All About Royalty And Luxury.

The Chandra Mahal does not disappoint its guests in this regard. It was originally the hall of justice in the palace and has balconies which open up to views of the surrounding hills. Neemrana Fort also has French influences in it and the Francisi Mahal is a suite which is an example to this.


Night View of Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace | Image Resource: indianholiday.com

The suite is decorated with delicate architecture and opulent suite dotted with king sized beds which are comfortable. The Sheela Mahal comes with a royal looking swing and large rooms which open up to views of the Suraj Kund pool below. The Neemrana Fort serves authentic and sumptuous home style Rajasthani food to its guests. There are many weekend activities and cultural programs for entertainment. They also arrange for guides to tour the palace and the surrounding areas which are of high historical importance.


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