Patna Museum- A Place to Explore the Past of Bihar

I spent more than 3 hours in the Sanjay Ghandhi Udyan and the sound of animals and chirping of birds were very enticing. I left the park around 12 am and headed towards my next destination the Patna Museum where I could explore the history of Patna.


View of Patna Museum | Image Resource :

As I love to visit the famous places and explore the history I loved this place which offered an opportunity to explore the rich heritage and culture of Patna.  The Museum was established in 1917 and it is one of the must places and a famous tourist spot in the city. I entered the museum; I was very pleased to see the displays exhibited there. Vast collections of artifacts of past were kept which were excavated from different places in Bihar.


Aerial View of Patna Museum | Image Resource :

It showcased the rich culture, tradition history and art of the region. The sculptures exhibited the Gandhara style which is otherwise called as ‘Greeco – Buddhist’ form of art. Other sculptures and artifacts were of Mathura and Kushana Period. The blue-schist characteristics of the sulputes made them very unique.  I was astonished to see the galleries. I walked through galleries to explore the different culture of Patna.


Yakshini Sculpture Patna Museum | Image Resource :

Apart from this several Bodhisattvas were displayed. It also holds the holy ashes of Buddha. By the sight of the holy ashes a positive aura spread throughout my body and I felt myself rejuvenated with the divinity.

This huge archeological collection has many things to tell about the past of Patna. These significant remains showcased the excellence of the artists and sculptors of that period. Iwas spell bound to see some collections which were dated back in the first millennium. Several stone sculptures, paintings bronze statues were also displayed.

It was getting late and it was time for me to leave the place. I left the museum praising the history, culture and heritage of our past. I reached my hotel room had a good bath in the swimming pool. I cherished the beauty of the sculputures and artifacts found in the museum. I was astonished by the glory of our past and proud to be an India which has rich heritage and culture.


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