Tocklai Tea Research Centre Assam- The Oldest Tea Oriented Research Institute in the World

After having the time of my life in exploring the wide range of fauna and flora present inside the Kaziranga National Park, we moved on towards our next destination which was the Tocklai Tea Research Centre Assam. We knew that the institute has been in existence since the year 1911 as a result of a site offered close to River Tocklai by the famous Jorehaut Tea Company. The industry provided the requisite funds for the initial foundation of two bungalows and a big laboratory.


Tocklai Tea Research Centre Assam | Image Resource :

The Tocklai Tea Research Centre Assam was then expanded and subsidized by the Indian Government and governments of West Bengal and Assam. There is no doubt about the fact that there are very few institutes as the Tocklai Tea Research Centre Assam. In 1900, there was a revolution in the Indian tea industry with the development of the Scientific Department under the ITA (Indian Tea Association).


Jorehaut Tea Estate | Image Resource :

And the establishment of the Research Institute consolidated the theory. In 1964, the establishment of Tea Research Association along with the centre in Tocklai resulted in the coverage of the entire north eastern part of India. It is believed that this research institute is the biggest and the oldest of its type across the globe.


Borsapori Tea Estate | Image Resource :

The research institute covers a wide range of tea filed spread over more than thousand tea estates. These estates together cover more than 341,049 hecatres of area spread over North Bank, Tripura Dooars, Terai, Darjeeling, Cachar, Tripura, South Bank, Upper Assam, etc.

We also came to know that there is a substation of Tocklai at Nagrakata. One of the researchers of the institute told us that we can easily volunteer to become members. Ever since its inception, Tocklai Tea Research Centre Assam has rendered excellent services to maintain the quality of tea products being manufactured in the industry.

It has come up with a wide range of new and exclusive ideas related to tea at different points in its history. In fact, it had played a major role in the drastic increase in tea production in North East India to 619 million kg in 2002 from 234 million kg in 1951.


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