Agnigarh Hill Assam- The Main Attraction of Tezpur

My son was extremely happy after coming out of the park thanks to the numerous fun filled activities and facilities available. The next destination in our list was the Agnigarh Hill Assam which wasn’t very far away. We knew that the Hill is considered to be the place where Banasura had built a fortress to isolate his daughter Usha, according to the Hindu mythology.

View of Agnigarh Hill

Agnigarh Hill | Image Resource :

Some of them even believe that there was a fire surrounding the temple all the time in order to prevent anybody from entering or leaving the premises without permission. There are many people who believe that this is the reason for the naming of the fort which comprises of Agni meaning fire and garh meaning wall or fortress.

After visiting the Hill, we came to know the real history behind the naming of the Cole Park or Chitralekha Udyan. It is believed that young Usha loved a person called Aniruddha who would appear only in her dreams.


Agnigarh Hill Entrance | Image Resource :

It was Chitralekha, Usha’s friend, who drew a painting of the man according to the description given by Usha. According to the legend, Chitralekha had mystical powers apart from being a good painter. She came to know that AAniruddha was the grandson of Krishna while Usha belonged to the family of asuras. Due to this, Chitralekha brought Aniruddha in his sleep using her powers.


Agnigarh Hil Statue | Image Resource :

While Lord Krishna agreed to the marriage proposal immediately, Banasura wanted that Lord Shiva’s family should guard the city’s gates while the marriage is conducted. But this resulted in a war between Hars and Haris i.e. Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna respectively. This also resulted in the naming of the city as Tezpur or City of Blood. It was Lord Brahma who would finally bring the fight to an end. The entire story of love leading to war is portrayed by the picturesque sculptures of stone.

In the present form, the hill stands tall along the Brahmaputra and attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. We also spotted a circular stairway which enables people to travel to the hilltop. At the top of the hill, there is a platform which can be used for having a view of the entire town.

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