Among the Wild, Rakchham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary – Kinnaur

A day that anyone will enjoy is one with flora and fauna. And what better a place to have that day than at the Rakchham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary. When I told my kids that today we would be visiting the animal kingdom, they erupted in joy and ran to the car. Definitely thanking myself for having thought of this tour.

The Rakchham-Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary is located at an altitude of 3200 to 5486 meters above sea level. A home to diverse vegetation, the Chitkul sanctuary is also the guard for several nearly endangered species of wildlife such as the Snow leopard, blue sheep, Himalayan Bear, the goral, the musk deer and more.

Rakchham and Chitkul are 15 kilometers apart on the banks of the Baspa River. It spreads over an area of 34 square kilometers. We also came across several temples around the sanctuary and had a spectacular close up view of the Kinner Kailash as we enjoyed the avifauna.

Wild and Wilder in Chitkul

The best part of the trip to the sanctuary is the trek to the destination. No cars, no buses. Not that you would find cars and buses going places in Kinnaur, but trekking is the best way to go about your trip. We were given several routes to reach the sanctuary.

The Lamkhanga Pass connecting Kinnaur to Uttarakhand in the Gangotri region is a very treacherous and daring route to reach the wildlife sanctuary. Bachelors and those who dare to give their adrenaline the ultimate rush may choose this path, although people are advised against this route.

Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary

Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

While Chitkul happens to be the last village ever on the Indo-Tibetan border, many tourists and bikers are often seen in the sanctuary. Placed in a dry zone, this sanctuary is not subject to monsoons unlike the other sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh. You are welcome throughout the year to come close to the wild.

We have had a fun day today and there are some stunning pictures I must share with you. Who knows, I might just have inspired you to plan your own trip to Kinnaur with your friends and family.

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