In the Presence of Holiness- Lippa Monastery, Kinnaur

Yes, it is day eight, our trip is almost to its close and I needed to plan a very meaningful day. So guess what, we are about to visit the Lippa Monastery. Placed close to the Taiti Stream bank, this monastery is also home to three temples. I have with me a guide who is explaining every aspect of the monastery, its history and its importance.

This monastery too has its importance in the Kinnaur District. Built by the renowned and revered astrologer Lama Devarama, the Lippa Monastery was completed by the Lama’s son. Two of the three temples in the monastery are filled with sacred scriptures of Kangyur and Tangyur. The last temple is dedicated to ‘Goldang Chakodar’, while the other two are in dedication of Dunguir and Kangyur. There was also a very old sanctuary dedicated to the local deity, Tangtashu.

Lippa Monastery Kinnaur

Lippa Monastery Kinnaur | Image Resource :

Lippa and the Monastery

Lippa is a small village located in the Pooh Taluk of Kinnaur. The grass that grows by the Lippa Monastery is believed to be very nourishing to the cattle and the horses. The Ibex is found in abundance in the forests behind Lippa. With very low population, this little village is charm itself and has a natural aura and magic in the air. You wont find much of modernization in the village, leaving it untainted by the filth and waste from our advanced technology and diet.

It was a big change for me, especially running around and meeting people, phone calls and the whole package. The peace and quiet, the serene environment, the small gathering in the evening, no loud sounds from vehicles or blaring loudspeakers all sound way too inviting and beckon me to stay here forever. The fresh air filled with the yum aroma of locally ground spices can make a man drool from a mile away.

Lippa Village

Lippa Village |  Image Resource :

With the day at a close and as we walk back the path to our hotel I reminisce the simple and yet fulfilling day that we have had the opportunity to experience. Perhaps the pictures I clicked might help you enhance the image.


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