The Buddhist Centre, Knaygoh Kinner Camps- Kinnaur

Among the tiny villages that sprawl the Kinnaur district, the Knaygoh or Nako Village is a very important one and is in fact a centre of Buddhism. Knaygoh, meaning “Gateway to the Holy Place’ is one of the important stops on the pilgrim path to Kailash. Located at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level, this little village has more to offer to the tourist attraction and a keen mind than any other place in Kinnaur.

Knaygoh Kinner Camps

Knaygoh Kinner Camps | Image Resource :

Day seven in Kinnaur and we are already filled to the brim with Kinnaur history, culture, customs, traditions and activities. So what more to do than visit its most vital aspect as a divine land?  The towering Reo Purgyal Peak stands off on the sides like a titanic pillar around the camp reflecting the true spirit of the Himalayan range. A completely eco-friendly camp, they arrange all kinds of trek plans and other entertainment programs for the visitors, narrating the history of the district and its culture.

The Knaygoh Camp and My Family

At least 7 temples occupy the lands of the Knaygoh camp, offering their customs over different periods.  A complex on the western edge of the camp consists of four temples that preserve the earliest of its artistic heritage. The main attraction is the footprint of the Saint Padmasambhava and a scenic lake around which the entire village has been built.

Knaygoh Kinner Camps Kinnaur

Knaygoh Kinner Camps Kinnaur | Image Resource :

With quality accommodation and luxury tents that have attached bathrooms and four guest rooms is the only place to stay in the village. The tents have been equipped with western restrooms, running water and completely furnished to give the visitors the warmth and comfort they require.

My kids have a completely new understanding of trekking and have started to like the idea of trekking as a hobby to. I sincerely thank The Knaygoh Kinner Camps for this outcome.

Kinner Camps

Kinner Camps | Image Resoure :

We had a good time skating on their frozen lake, walked up to the Chortens in the mountains that gave us a stunning view. We were the spectators of the Lamas Dancing – Chham / Mask Dance/ They put on a good dance show depicting the defeat of the evil forces. All in All, this trip has indeed served a whole lot of purposes.


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