To the Ancients, Kamru Fort – Sangla, Kinnaur

Every City has its own history and definitely some standing remains or relics of what the city has faced in its past. Seeing something that belongs to generations before our time is something very special to me as it talks about the value of a city or of its people and how it came to be. I thought this might be one trip that could teach my kids about the value of things in life. And that’s how folks, began our day to Kamru Fort at Sangla.

Kamru Fort

Kamru Fort | Image Resource :

It was a pretty steep walk to the fort but completely worth every step. The fort is built atop the valley and as you reach the top point you get this absolutely breathtaking view of the entire of Sangla. We were able to see the high quality wooden carvings that were part of the fort too. The Kamru fort is a work of art, unlike the other traditional forts we have come to see. The architecture and the workmanship of art is something to praise.

Kamru Fort Sangla

Kamru Fort Sangla | Image Resource :

En Route to Kamru Fort

Built atop a hill, it takes almost an hour to trek to the top. And pack your bags well, as there are no shops along the way. The fort itself is a little complex with a temple and scenic greenery for a backdrop. The path gives you lovely apple and apricot gardens to walk through as you trek to the top. The fort’s main gate bears an exotic image of Lord Buddha and that of Kamkhya Devi, which supposedly was brought from Assam and restored in the third floor of the fort.

One of the significant artifacts at the fort is a 15th century shrine of Lord Badrinath, which hosts a spark of light once in three years. Placed at a stunning altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level, it is surrounded on either sides by high snow-clad mountains and thick lush forests of Deodar Trees and fruit orchards.

Shrine at Base of Entrance to Kamru Fort

Shrine at Base of Entrance to Kamru Fort | Image Resource :

This five storied fort that rests on a 55 square feet stone platform is a must visit for all those history and archaeology lovers. Check out the pictures I clicked for you to see.


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