The Path to Gods Own Village: Rarang Monastery, Kinnaur!

So I wanted to take my kids to some culture and Religion. Be it any religion, I wanted them to understand the importance of having faith and belief in an omnipotent power. The Rarang Monastery is one of the recent monasteries in Kinnaur. Constructed under care of Tashi Choeling, The Rarang Monastery is definitely worth the visit.

Rarang Monastery Kinnaur

Rarang Monastery Kinnaur | Image Resource :

Constructed post Tibetan Influences of the Drugpa Sect since 1960, this monastery is built on the Thopan side. There are several older dwellings and temples that merge into the rubbled rocky side of the mountain. Archaeologists have traced these dwellings and structures to the Nyingmapa adherents.

There is much that my kids have learnt on our trip to the monastery; obedience, respect and much more. Trust me, this trip is more than its worth in money. This is one trip everyone must make at least once in his or her life.

Rarang Monastery

Rarang Monastery | Image Resource :

Rarang of Kinnaur

There was much hustle and bustle as we entered the Rarang region of the Kinnaur Valley. It is a very popular site and the Rarang Monastery is very well known and is a prominent attraction of the whole package. It is said that your trip is incomplete unless you visit the Rarang Monastery.

Budhha at Rarang Monastery

Budhha at Rarang Monastery | Image Resource :

Located on the Thopan side, the monastery is a beauty to be marveled at and one so sacred to the minds eye too. Being a new monument to the existing holy sites of Kinnaur, the Rarang Monastery adds an overall aesthetic value to the place. Its association with the typical Tashi Choeling of the locality makes it quite a bit significant to the natives as well as the visitors in the locality, as these temples date back to the old ancient days.

Routes of travel are available to Rarang Monastery from Reckong Peo, the administrative HQ of Kinnaur valley by bus transport. Beware; the bus travels only three times a day, as the distance is almost 25 kilometers. You may also take up Taxi services from the Reckong Peo zone as frequently as you wish for an average fee of 500 Rupees. You will be taken from Reckong Peo via Thopan and Ribba Akpa or through another old HT Road via the Pangi Village, Thopan and Swaden.


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