Peace and Tranquility in the monasteries of Reckong Peo, Kinnaur!

Our first day in the Kinner Valley and we have a long agenda at hand for our trip. So we decided to visit the district headquarters of Kinnaur, Reckong Peo. Locally known as Peo, is situated at a peaking altitude of 2670 meters from sea level. The Kailash or Kinnaur Kailash as it is ardently known, is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Reckong Peo gives us a breathtaking view of the mountains and offers several activity options too.

View on the way to Reckong Peo

View on the way to Reckong Peo | Image Resource :

The ‘Land of the Gods’ as Reckong Peo is also known as, this little district came into existence in 1960 on the 1st of May. Our guide says that it is believed this district was formerly called Kannaura or Kinnaura. Several legends spin around the district, adding myths and stories to their history. What was once a part of the Tibetan Plateau under the rule of the Guge Kingdom, over time has come to become the Sat Knund, into seven parts.

Rekong Peo

Rekong Peo | Image Resource :

To the Monks and Sanctuaries

This particular district of the Kinnaur valley is rich in Buddhist Monasteries. Several temples and monasteries are seen all around the place. Peo is also the host of one of the four Buddha Mahotsava festivals, which is organized to pomp by the Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Buddhist Monasteries

Buddhist Monasteries | Image Resource :

I am told that the most famous attractions that can be found in the Reckong Peo District are the Lipa Asrang Sanctuary, Rupi- Bhaba Sanctuary and the Rakchham-Chhitkul Sanctuary.

Unlike the usual wild life sanctuaries we come across in all cities, Peo prides the display of the Yak, Leopard, Ibex, Blue Sheep, Goral, Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear and more. Located at an altitude ranging from 4000~5,022 meters and a temperature varying between -10° and 15°C. The sanctuary has been constructed to suit the normal lifestyles of all the animals and a large part of the closure is left a barren desert.

Snowfall at Reckong Peo Kinnaur

Snowfall at Reckong Peo Kinnaur | Image Resource :

Having enjoyed the cherished attractions of the Reckong Peo Valley of the Kinnaur District, we headed back to our hotel room. I hope my descriptions that I have shared with you give you more inspiration to join the wonderful venture I have had at Reckong Peo.


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