The Trip that is Kinnaur- Here We Come Mountains!

Hey there everyone! After three months of constant phone calls and meetings, I have decided that it is time once again for a family tour. Now my kids too have the thirst for adventure and no time could be better than now for me to make use of. After much thought and consult, I’ve decided to head for the mountains. And so Muhammed began his journey, but this time with his entire family.

Shimla, Darjeeling, been there, done that… So what’s new, you ask? Kinnaur, a trekker’s desire and a photographer’s dream. To be in the mountains and far away from all the hassles is exactly what my family and I need at this moment. I surf through the cheap flight app in my android phone and look into all possibilities to reach the hills of Himachal Pradesh from the hub of Ahmedabad. Umpteen choices did turn up and trust me, this gets more interesting.

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Ahmedabad Airport

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Ahmedabad Airport | Image Resource :

The Journey from Ahmedabad to Kinnaur

Though I am a man who enjoys a bit of luxury and travel in style, when one plans a family trip, you need to be extra cautious of each and every expense. Take it from this financial advisor. I listen to my own advice this once and look for economy domestic flights. Indigo Airlines happens to be the one airway that serves me the best budget and best plan.

Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines | Image Resource :

Instead of looking for any direct flight I take up one with one stop. This allows my kids to enjoy more places and me to plan more for the trip. So we take the Indigo Flight from the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Ahmedabad Airport to Chandigarh Via Mumbai. From there we have our connecting taxi to Kinnaur. Indigo airlines had a very comfortable airbus with very cushy seats and a kind and helpful crew.

With tasty snacks and other nick knacks from the flights, I see my kids jump with excitement. The captain has turned on the ‘seat belt on’ sign as we are about to land. More details about my trip, and how it turns out will be posted in my upcoming blogs. Until then!


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