Sadni Falls Do Poetic Justice To The Silent Admirers Of Nature!

The next place in my itinerary was the Sadni Falls. I witnessed the beauty of a place that stands at 84 degrees 14 minutes east and 23 degrees 17 minutes north within the state of Jharkhand. I found out that the Sankh River which has often been mentioned in the guidebooks and travelogues owes its birth to these waterfalls. It seemed to me quite attractive from the tourists’ point of view.

The entire region gains much of its scenic beauty from the snake like waterfalls situated at a height of 934 m from sea level. It creates one of the major tourist attractions of the state as it’s surrounded by picturesque streams, forests and hillocks.

Sadni Falls

Sadni Falls | Image Resource :

I stood spell bound as the falls poured on the Sankh River from a height of 200 ft (60 meters). I found a popular picnic spot to have been developed around this snake type falls. Being an ardent nature lover, I was soon to be lost within its picturesque backdrop.

History associated with this place While talking to the locals, I came to know that the sight was once quite famous for its active diamond mines. During the seventeenth and sixteenth century, the some fine stones worth big sizes were developed in the mines adjacent to Sadni Falls. Amongst these fine stones, the area has contributed to its share of quality diamonds and was identified for its rich diamond reserve.

Sadni Falls Jharkhand

Sadni Falls Jharkhand | Image Resource : tripadvisor

The Sadnighagh Falls or Sadni Falls Jharkhand is situated at about 3 km from the village of Rajadera. I’ll count it amongst the most visited tourist hotspots within the Gumla district of Jharkhand. The place seemed to be quite popular for its scenic beauty. The active sixteenth and seventeenth century diamond reserves of this falls are no more, but the place is still visited by a few curious minds.

I had approached this place from Netarhat, which is supposedly the best point to reach it. It just took me about 30 minutes to cover a distance of 35 km to reach the Sadni Falls from Netarhat. I had to pay Rs. 100 to the auto rickshaw driver for driving faster than he usually does. This place offered some splendid sight for me and my friends. Both the Sankh River and the Sadni Falls Jharkhand created a reason for us to forget the stress of city life for a day or two. All of my friends appreciated my choice as they returned with a few pleasant memories.

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