Waterfalls And Hills Create A Fantastic Backdrop For The Gonda Hill Ranchi

Gonda Hill Ranchi

Gonda Hill Ranchi | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Ranchi is one of my favorite tourist destinations in India. Waterfalls and green hills made it a wonderful place for me to spend a weekend in the company of my loved ones. Jharkhand has pretty many lovely places to attract tourists from various parts of India.

Sunset at Tagore Hill

Sunset at Tagore Hill | Image Resource : zipmytravel.com

A few places that I considered for their scenic beauty are Gonda Hill, Rock Garden, Ranchi Hill and Tagore Hill. Once I moved from the center of Ranchi for about 4 km down the Kanke Road, I reached the Gonda Hill. It is one of the nicest places wherein the tourists like me can enjoy their vacation. The front side of the hill showed me through the CMPDI headquarters.

Thereafter, I retreated towards the Kanke Dam which has a huge lake underneath the Gonda hill. Amongst a wide variety of tourist groups, the Kanke Dam is famous for associating some sentiments that amount to peace and joy. The rock Garden and Gonda hill have become famous and are attracting tourists from neighboring nations.

Kanke Dam

Kanke Dam | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The famous Jaipur rock Garden that I came across has some close resemblance with the Rock Garden near Gonda hill. I found two poles to the iron-bar swing placed within the garden. In addition, the garden also has some granite statues that I really liked. Amongst all of the tourist hotspots in Ranchi, the Gonda hill and rock garden seemed to be the most popular ones for me.

The gonad hill constitutes a rock which has been used to create the rock garden. The beauty of the garden is enhanced by its waterfalls and variety of sculptures. The vastness of nature and the seemingly endless horizon create a real reason for me to visit this wonderful place once more.

Rock Garden near Gonda hill

Rock Garden near Gonda hill | Image Resource : garden.ie

I do count upon the Gonda hill and rock garden amongst the famous picnic spots near Ranchi. I found a lot of people enjoying their time by visiting this place in groups. At the top of the gonad hill I found a water reservoir; the Kanke village is situated near the foot of this hill. This place is known for accommodating the biggest mental asylum in India. From Ranchi I could reach the Gonda hill and rock garden very easily. All one needs to do is to hire a taxi or auto rickshaw from Albert Akka Chowk.


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