Birsa Munda Park Dhanbad Jharkhand : Visually Appealing To All Senses!

My next destination was the Birsa Munda Park Dhanbad Jharkhand which seemed to be a truly beautiful park with a number of cantons and great palaces standing tall in its ground. The park achieved its name after the Jharkhand freedom fighter Birsa Munda. This place is one of the major tourist attractions near Dhanbad.

I had heard about the natural beauty of this town from my friends. While on my visit, I came across people from different age groups that keep visiting this place all the year round. MGNREGA has developed this park, which spreads over an area worth 21 acres. It is governed by a host of staffs that monitor the areas lying within its boundaries.

Birsa Munda Park Entrance

Birsa Munda Park Entrance | Image Resource:

Reaching Birsa Munda Park is quite easy. I had to cover some 8 km from the Dhanbad railway station. The Hirak Road provides good connection to this place. One might even choose to come from Govindpur that connects with the G.T. road. I could easily access the Dhanbad airport, which stands within a distance of 2 km.

I was drawn to all major attractions of the Birsa Munda Park. I saw children getting engrossed as they rode on the dragon toy train, which is one of the main attractions of this park. When I wished to relax a bit, I found a large area within this park. Several canteens are there to serve lunch. I was told that about ten thousand tourists visit this place on the occasion of New Year.

During my visit to the Birsa Munda Park in Dhanbad, I had to bear the parking charge, entry fees and charges for carrying hand and video cameras. A visitor needs to shed anything between 20 to 100 rupees.

The park mostly remains open throughout the year. I was told that the best time for visiting this park is between the months of January and February and between November and December. I also heard that the park has a turnover of Rs. 12 lacs during these four months.

Birsa Munda Park in Dhanbad has some good facilities for visitors. I must throw some light upon the quality of water supply and boarding facilities within this park. Members of different age groups are attracted towards the natural phenomena of this park. I was amazed to see that this park keeps attracting a little over three hundred persons on a daily basis. Both for the state of Jharkhand and the city of Dhanbad, this place seemed quite important to me.


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