Beautiful Landscapes Make You Feel Delighted At Magnolia Point Netarhat Jharkhand

Amongst the various getaways in Jharkhand, Netarhat seemed really beautiful to me as it’s surrounded by the Chhotanagpur Plateau. Nice climate, Cool ambience and serene landscape are all that turn Netarhat into a tourist hotspot. The British had planted some cypresses and pines that move up the sky. I found that the trees were planted carefully amid simul and sal forests. It’s really fascinating to watch the enchanting views of sunset and sunrise from Netarhat.

I found a few places of tourist attraction closer to Netarhat. I’d like to mention some, although I came across a number of them. One of the most important picnic spots that I found near Netarhat is at a distance of 4 km and within a close vicinity of the Upper Ghagri waterfalls. A nice waterfall has also been created by the Netarhat Dam. About 10 km away from Netarhat lays the lower Ghagri waterfalls; it was a sheer treat for my eyes. Leaping from a 320 feet height, this waterfall stunned my eyes. To catch a glimpse of the sunset, I visited the Magnolia Point Netarhat Jharkhand. I had to travel for about 10 km to reach this place from Netarhat.

Magnolia Point Netarhat

Magnolia Point Netarhat | Image Resource:

I’ve treasured a number of snaps in my camera. Moving for about 3 km from Netarhat, I reached the Koyel Point, which is also known for its scenic beauty. The ultimate beauty of this place owes much to the Lodh Falls, which is the highest falls amongst so many falls in Jharkhand. I needed to travel around 60 kms from Netarhat to be able to reach this place. As a nature lover I moved another 35 km from Netarhat to experience the sheer beauty of the Sadni Falls. Closer to Netarhat, I found other places of attraction like the Rajgir, Daltongunje, Ranchi, Bodh Gaya and Gaya.

The natural resources of Netarhat are its primary attraction. I took a few snapshots of one of the highest falls of Jharkhand in Burhaghaugh. From Ranchi, I had to travel some 160 km to reach Netarhat. To my advantage, the place is well connected with Daltongunj and Ranchi by bus. One can even reach Netarhat after crossing Ghaghra by car after he drives till Sisai along NH23 from Ranchi.


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