Enjoy Wildlife At Its Best Once You Land In Betla National Park Jharkhand!

Betla National Park was the next destination in my itinerary. It is the only national park in the state of Jharkhand. This park was formed by the British with the objective of safeguarding tigers. I was thrilled to hear that this park accommodates the Palamau Tiger Reserve. The reserve forest is amongst the nine original reserves meant for protecting tigers.

I had to cover a big distance as the Betla National Park spreads over an area worth 1026 square kilometer. The national park showed me through a wide variety of wildlife. Tourists like me are only allowed to cover a distance of 35 square kilometer. The place has turned friendlier towards tourists in the recent times, as the forest officials and guides are able to communicate in English and Hindi.

Betla National Park Jharkhand

Betla National Park Jharkhand | Image Resource: indian-travel-places.com

From a distance, I could easily catch a wonderful view of the nearby wildlife as I moved up the watchtowers. For the photographer in me, these watchtowers are a point of culmination as they preserve the scenic beauty within my camera.

I found the rivers Amanat and Auranga flowing through the Betla National Park; these rivers are the major tributaries of the river Koel. This national park even allows another river to flow through it and meet the river Sone; this river is known as the River Koel.

Betla National Park Elephant

Betla National Park Elephant | Image Resource: propertydirection.com

Wild elephants were roaming very majestically and it was a very awesome sight and if you wish you can even enjoy elephant safari. I decided to give it a try since I knew that this was something to boast to my friends back home! I also got some snaps clicked with me sitting on the elephant and enjoying the national park!

I’d suggest you to visit the Betla Park between the months of May and June. Once the monsoon gets over, it’s time for the tourists to flock in. Chital and Gaur are amongst a few animals that allowed me to take snaps, it gave me some very cute poses and I had a field day clicking snaps!


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