Lodh Falls Jharkhand Lets You Witness The Magic Of Nature !

Being a true lover of Mother Nature, I chose to visit Lodh Falls Jharkhand the very next day I reached Ranchi. It seemed to me that visiting this place would be really soothing for my soul. Burhaghaugh Falls is another name for the famous Lodh Falls, which I counted amongst the key attractions of this region.

Lodh Falls seemed soothing for my eyes, especially due to its amazing beauty and height. Even when I was at a distance of 10 km, I was able to hear the roar of the falls. Counted amongst the highest of all Jharkhand Falls, the Lodh Falls is considered to be a nice picnic spot. Its inclusion in the list of highest falls of our nation owes much to its height of 468 feet from the ground.

Lodh Falls Jharkhand

Lodh Falls Jharkhand | Image Resource: wikimapia.org

I could hear the voice of nature and distinguish it from other voices, and much of this truth is proven inside these forest areas. I couldn’t hear anyone speaking once I got nearer to the sound of this thundering water. I’d like to visit his place again just to listen to nature and appreciate the beauty of this place. The scenic views of the Lodh Falls and the weather draw tourists from different corners of the globe.

I came across a local Buddhist temple in the vicinity of the Lodh Falls. The temple acquires more charm due to its peaceful environment. The ambiance of this place added sheer melody to my ears along with the musical tone of its chirpy birds. Worshipping Lord Buddha and experiencing a piece of this tranquil environment are the two key reasons of my visiting this place. I found both tourists and locals keep pouring in this place, as it’s nicely connected with different locations and easily accessible from all directions. I didn’t need to cope with any problems as all major Indian townships are well connected to this place.

View of Lodh Falls Jharkhand

View of Lodh Falls Jharkhand | Image Resource: wikimapia.org

I also found a few hotels and marketplaces that accommodate visitors under all seasons. However, I’d advise you to avoid the monsoon season to set things right for your trip. During other seasons, you can enjoy this lovely place even more!


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