Thousand Lights Mosque – The Beautiful Holy Medieval Styled Mosque

It was a refreshing day next morning; it was our last day in Chennai since we planned to leave Chennai the next day. As I mentioned early there are a plenty of thing to offer in Chennai such as temples and mosques. When the guide mentioned about the thousand lights mosque in this place I was wondered why this name “thousand lights” came to this mosque. The curiosity in me incresed and we decide to visit this place which was not there in our list.

After a good bath and enticing breakfast which consists of pongal ( A special dish made of rice and moong dhal) and vadas and aromatic filter coffee from the restaurant we left for thousand lights.

Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai

Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai | Image Resource:

It is a multi-domed beautiful mosque spreads over 3 acres located at Anna Salai in the middle of the city. This beautiful mosque is highly regarded for being the largest mosque in country. It was built in 1810 by Nawab Umdat-ul-Umrah. The assemble hall is very huge and around 1000 lamps are necessary to light the assembly hall hence the name thousand lights for the mosque. The mosque is constructed in medieval style architecture.

The enthralling beauty of the mosque is truly captivating and the multi-domes have heights of more than 64 feet from the ground. In 1981 another mosque was added which showcases the western influence in architecture for its five inward curving domes.

There are separate rooms both men and women for conducting prayers. The mosque is a holy place for Shiite Muslims and a famous pilgrimage centre for them. This huge holy construction is very famous for its beauty architecture and also has a great religious significance.

We explored the beauty of the mosque and took several photographs and moved to our last place the vgp universal kingdom which is an amusement park. I choose this place because I felt very hot and that could be the best remedy to escape from the scorching sun, where we could enjoy plenty of water games. It was great experience exploring this beautifully designed medieval styled structure.


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