Adeeswar Temple – The Famous Jain Temple in Chennai

After a refreshing day on the seashore of Vlankannni church, we enjoyed the night life of Chennai. Though it was hot even during night we enjoyed blend of new and old culture there.

Spiritual the city has several things to offer such as temples, churches mosques and several shrines around the city. I have heard about the Adeeswar temple and next day we planned to visit the Adeeswar temple which is located just 9 kilometers from the Chennai city.

Adeeswar Temple Chennai

Adeeswar Temple Chennai| Image Resource:

We rented a taxi from the hotel and reached the Polal village has which is a warm and serine atmosphere. I felt like relieving all my tensions and this is a best place to rejuvenate your body and mind.

The temple is situated very near to the Redhill Lake and the place is well connected by road. The deity worshipped here is “Tirthankar Rishabhadev” other wise known as “Adi Bhagwan, Adeeswar, Adi Nath and Adi Jain.” The temple has great significance for the Jains. Adeeswar temple is also called as the Polal temple and it referred in the Tamil literature.

The sun was scorching when we reached the temple our explained that the temple was constructed in the first century BC and valluvar who was a litrary legend in the first century BC has a significancent role in the construction of this temple. His statue was fixed in the temple since he was a true worshipper of Adi Bhagwan.

But the archeologists believe that the temple was constructed during pallva Dynasty based on the inscriptions found there. We explored each and every corner of the temple and the artwork of the temple was mind blowing. The temple was unknown for centuries but once the Grand Trunk Road was constructed it become very famous.

Several Jains followers from different parts of the country visit this place to worship the Adi bahgaven. We returned from the temple after a few hours exploring the architecture of the temple. In the evening we went to marina beach to enjoy the cool sea breeze. The city becomes cool after the setting sun. We came back to hotel and goosed into our pillow for a fresh morning next day.

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