Air Travel from Ahmedabad to Chennai by SpiceJet Airlines – Comfortable and Cheap by All Means

Hi friends, this is Darshik Mehta signing in. This time I am posting my travel experience in Chennai. Life in Ahmedabad has become busy. Being in a responsible position of a financial advisor, my days get challenging all along. When my personal and family life gets a beating, I take a break. And this time I planned a family trip to Chennai.

The southern part of India has always increased my curiosity. Traveling to Chennai is better by flight and therefore, I booked tickets with Spicejet Airlines, which has rolled out cheap Ahmedabad Chennai flights. Our flight was scheduled at 6.10 am on a Wednesday and we started off to the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport early in the morning.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport | Image Resource:

After the initial formalities, we were offered the boarding pass. I should admit that Spicejet has improved its service with better metro-to-metro connectivity with the convenient timing for the business people.

The Economy Class seats were quite comfortable with enough pitch, and there seemed to have ample space for stretching the legs. The flight took off at the scheduled time starting my journey from Ahmedabad to Chennai. The service on board the flight was satisfactory. We were quite hungry; being early in the morning, we couldn’t have any food.

SpiceJet Airlines

SpiceJet Airlines | Image Resource:

I ordered paneer bhurji, aloo paratha and aloo tikki, while my wife loved having vegetable upma, onion vada and sambar. The meal was quite sumptuous. A budget flight by all means, Spicejet offers frequent traveler programme, SpiceConnect to loyal customers. My business trips are not frequent and hence, I cannot keep track of my flights. Interestingly, this type of promotional programme can help business travelers.

I was shook from my thoughts by the announcement in the flight. We were going to land at the Chennai International Airport. It was 9.15 and we just flew for two hours enjoying the cheap Ahmedabad Chennai flight. After the safe landing, we came out finishing the formalities.

As we looked around for the transportation, a person in mid-thirties walked up to us. The cab to Hotel Ambica Empire was ready and within minutes we go into the cab to mark the beginning of the Chennai journey.


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