Lodhi Garden Delhi – Sanctity Amidst City’s Chaos

After landing in Delhi, all my nomadic episodes were on leaps and bounds. I was on the top of the world to reverberate my experience in the course of travelling to Delhi. My profession never allowed me to listen to my heart. It is my own principles towards my individual life that make me do what I like. Among all of my features, travelling persists on top and photography comes following it. At Delhi too I was ready with my camera to capture some unforgettable moments and glimpses of the journey. Sometimes I think travelling is the impeccable medium of resting yourself with utmost inner peace. It keeps you standoffish from the fatigue that you confront on a daily basis. Lodhi Garden Delhi to me was such small instance for recreation.

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

One of the wonderful illustrations of Mughal architecture, this garden has sufficient ability to stand over the peaceful needs of the visitors. I could heed the enchanting resonance of kids. With plants and trees in abundance the garden boasts its serenity distinct from the bustling city. It is the place where plenty of love stories begin. The garden is well preserved with greenery all over. It’s a perfect place for joggers too. Deep seated near Khan Market on Lodhi Road, it is well connected to the city and its other tourist places. Yoga enthusiasts find this place comfortable to perform. Mohammed Shah’s Tomb is the major attraction over here. The relics of the tomb, water tank, etc., of the Lodhi Dynasty are easily observed here. Whenever the thought of travelling the historical sites occur in my mind I stay tuned to it. I am quiet interested in India’s past yet glorious history.

Mohammed Shah Tomb

Mohammed Shah Tomb | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Delhi has every facet of tourism that makes it one of the happening destinations in India. The fascinating and striking features of its historical sites like Lodhi Garden Delhi are the reminiscence of the Mughal Empire in the country. India has struggled immensely for its freedom from age-old centuries and this is boasted from every alcove of the nation. Being an Indian I abide by this truth and pray for its success and plodding development forever.


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