Lotus Temple Delhi – The Illuminating Abode of Spirituality

For the very first time I used a travel planning app for my journey and it was a great experience. It made the travel a lot more easier.

Delhi is the metropolis profusely stuffed with all the aspects of tourism. Be it historical site, science centers, gardens, spiritual spots or entertainment parks, everything is bequeathed by it. Till now I have observed almost all the colors of Delhi’s rainbow tourism. Only I left with, was the spiritual and the historical Mughal Gardens.

Lotus Temple Delhi

Lotus Temple Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Lotus Temple Delhi, an intact pilgrimage and divine abode, is the nucleus of bliss and tranquility. I reached the edifice located at Bahapur. Incredible structure with vast interior and lush green outside depicts the gradual development in India’s tourism. You know, when you reach the chapter were you are blessed with sanctity and contentment; all your doubts are mislaid. Same happened to me when I stepped into the premises of the temple.

Illumination and celestial are the words to describe the holy edifice precisely. Pure white marble made structure is the icon in its own terms. The most interesting and marvelous part of the temple are its blooming petals encompassed with nine water pools. They dazzle like twinkling stars as the sunlight falls on them. I was so fortunate to witness this mesmerizing sight. It seems like all my stars were on perfect computation on that magical day. I would forever remain grateful to Omnipresent God for making me the component of this lovely place. I pursued towards the temple to unfurl the suspense inside. It is erected with the thought of liberty and equality. It simply means a common figure for all the four religions of India named as Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. It declares the freedom for all the followers of these four religions to visit the temple irrespective of caste and creed. I was so very touched with the declaration.

Architect Furiburz Sabha requires salutation and honor for such thought. The massive hall inside the temple is the icon of unity. I was suppressed with the grand interior inside. I wandered around the premises to get enclosed with every niche of the Lotus Temple Delhi. I was entirely lost in the harmony of the mansion and forgotten that it was the high time to visit my next enlisted place of interest, Lodhi Garden Delhi.

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