National Rail Museum Delhi – An Exotic Visage of Indian Railways

The colorful Delhi is also a freak out place for the business supervisory. It provides them an informative yet lighthearted holiday apart from their business venture. For Financial Advisor like me, it was too an authentic journey to get excited with. Railways, I have seen since my childhood, is the best way to plan for a holiday in India. I don’t know why, but it bestows the rejuvenating feeling of grand escape from a tiresome work. National Rail Museum Delhi exactly gave me the same experience. The whistling sound that a rail releases is as soothing as a peaceful rhythm. It reflects your escape to your dream destination. I was agitated to witness the centuries old railways and know about the celebrities who travelled on them in their respective lives.

National Rail Museum Delhi

National Rail Museum Delhi | Image Resource:

With collection of 100 exotic and fascinating exhibits of real size Indian Railways, the unique museum boasts its discreet entity. It was really an interesting exploration for me of our centuries old railway network. Indian Railways is said to be one of the largest network worldwide. Isn’t it pride for India? The centre of attraction is the Fairy Queen which was built in the year 1855. She is deliberated as one of the best steam preserving locomotive engines of her era. I hired the tickets to take a ride on the mono rail to have a glance of the museum on wheels. Riding through the mono rail, there is Fire Engine on the way, chic and handsome among all. The museum is also the home to the features, tools and techniques used in Indian Railways. For instance, antique furniture, stagnant and active models, historical photographs, signaling equipments and related text, etc. are exhibited in the museum.

Prince of Wales Saloon is another marvelous coach that was established in the year 1875 and it is one of the old coaches in the queue. Not the least but there is also Maharaja of Mysore Saloon that was constructed in 1899. The coach is rich in chairs covered with brocade and a bed of elegant rosewood. What a royal journey they travelled all those years? I bow down to the royalty of India and its history. Now it was the time to end the journey of National Rail Museum Delhi and begun with National Science Centre Delhi.


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