National Zoological Park Delhi – Reminds of Childhood ‘Chidiya Ghar’

An actual bliss to my travel was my place of stay where the always smiling staff provided me the room services with extreme attention and promptness. Struggling to stick to my depart time for sightseeing, I would leave a mess in the room at the morning, but after a long-day excursion return to an orderly arranged room with sweet fragrance, courtesy the devoted staff members. They had been supportive and friendly and offered me with the best and exclusive treatments for making my stay pleasurable. They had consistently helped me to escort to my commuting places through reliable agencies complemented for a single traveler like me. I thanked them for they had arranged the same rental car for my visit to the next place, National Zoological Park Delhi, a serene and tranquil environ to the capital city.

National Zoological Park Delhi

National Zoological Park Delhi | Image Resource:

The park has a welcoming entrance by the Mughal Kos Minar and stepping up to the red sandstone gate, I could admire the wide spread expanse of the zoological park. The Delhites call it as ‘Chidiya Ghar’ and this park is located near Pragati Maidan, Mathura road.

View of National Zoological Park Delhi

View of National Zoological Park Delhi | Image Resource:

Spread across 176 acres of land, it provides tremendous recreational facility to the people and the visitors. It has a variety of species, sheltering almost 130 species of birds and 1350 species of animals.

Indian Rhinoceros in National Zoological Park Delhi

Indian Rhinoceros in National Zoological Park Delhi | Image Resource:

The plethora of reptiles, uncommon birds from Africa and America, mammals are all comfortably housed in the park. On a stroll along the walkways, I was fascinated with the sight of hopping squirrels, the authoritative roar of white tiger, perching birds from the back of wild animals, hidden black buds from the trees behind and many more, hence make the place a haven for animal as well as nature lovers. I looked around and adored the place to the fullest.

A perfect place for the family picnic and school tours, I was terribly missing my loved ones to share my experiences. However, without being much emotional I succeeded in getting some snacks hampers for the refreshment purpose from the cafeteria located at the spot. A mobile van riding was an added incentive to me to see the whole place. For me, a tour of Delhi could never be complete without the magical charm and enchantment of the National Zoological Park Delhi.


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