Garden of Five Senses Awakens Real Senses of the Traveler, Indeed a Worthy Visiting Place

A fresh morning was waiting with complementary coffee at my doorstep and contending it was a suitable sitting arrangement in the attached balcony. I was capturing the cool morning winds blowing across my face and enjoying a sweet smelling odor of the pleasant ambience. Though it was the first day of my travel, the experience has always lingered in my mind. As soon as possible, I finished off my morning stuffs and was all ready to visit my next place of journey, Garden of Five Senses Delhi, constructed in 2003. A comparatively recent addition to the capital city, this widely spread 20 acres oasis has been serving the visitors with the wonderful escape from the city’s raucous avenues. With a stroll along the spiral pathways, past rocks, waterfalls, murals and sculptures indicating the sound of wind chimes, moulds the air.

Entrance of The Garden Of Five Senses

Entrance of The Garden Of Five Senses | Image Resource:

Located in close proximity to Mehrauli Heritage area at Said-ul-Azaib, the garden is one of the most popular hangout places. Nothing could be more soothing and relaxed than to start off the journey with a visit to such a calm and peaceful place. Well developed under Delhi Tourism Transportation, the garden houses everything to enchant my senses. The adorable flowers’ sight, melodious sounds of the birds and the delectable delicacies at the garden awakened all senses at the site. Unlike earlier days, the garden is now more famous as a picnic spot comprising of different sections. There is the Khas Bagh maintaining the authenticity of Mughal Styled garden. Then the steady movements of water cascaded with shrubs and fragrant flowers around and ‘A Fountain Tree’ depicting sculptures and fountains, encapsulating the whole expression can also be seen.

The Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses | Image Resource:

The park is actually a place with extensive variety of activities inviting public exploration and interaction. The magical appeal to my senses is the fine color garden embedded in its premises defining a beautiful combination of different colored flowers and shrubs displaying not so frequently seen specie-of bamboo or cacti. The amphitheatre servicing as seating on the sandstone is nestled among the slope of Garden of Five Senses Delhi. With all the stimulating sensory responses to the environment, I was thrilled with the experiences of the park. Putting a halt to any further communication with the place, I stepped out for the next place of my travel, Jantar Mantar Delhi, an observatory with astronomical instruments.


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