Jantar Mantar Delhi – A Splendid Creation with Masonry Instruments to Captivate Visitors

Undoubtedly, beyond expectation, the Garden of Five Senses is marvelously designed to the imagery as the name suggests. Textures, colors, forms and fragments all combined together in an evocative bouquet invoking a thankful prayer for the bestowing gift of sound, sight, smell, touch and taste and awakens the mind to the life’s beauty. A beautifully created environment had its immense impact on my heart and mind. The day was progressing with the driven experiences of the park and then it was the time to head towards the next exploring place, Jantar Mantar Delhi. It took me to the period of Maharaj Sawai Jai Singh; founder of the pink city Jaipur, whose endeavor efforts to build this observatory with large and accurate instruments for correct measurements was quite commendable and highly appreciable.

Jantar Mantar Delhi

Jantar Mantar Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

A phenomenal construction of 1724, Jantar Mantar derived from the Sanskrit language, ‘Yantra’ means Instruments and ‘Mantar’ means Formulae. Its sight is fascinating owing to the ingenuity of its instruments but presently it does not have the capacity to give accurate observations because of the huge buildings in its surroundings. The place was easily accessible through different modes of conveyance available in the city and its attractive looks draw streams of visitors every year from across the world. It proudly forms a glimpse of astronomical advancements made by the nation in early periods. Located on Sansad Marg, the landmark is juxtaposed between Rashtrapati Bhawan and Connaught place.

View of Jantar Mantar Delhi

View of Jantar Mantar Delhi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The vast red giant sundials and the hovering white sloping stones over the neat flower beds and the palm trees gave an enchanting view to my eyes. The sundial casts a perfect shadow to calculate solar and lunar calendars, astronomical movements as well as time with an incredible extent of accuracy. Though not much familiar to the general public, the incorporated multiple unique structures of Jantar Mantar with striking amalgamation of their geometric forms had yet successfully captured the presence of artists’, architects and art historians worldwide.

A curious and remarkable work with masonry instruments, Jantar Mantar Delhi is noteworthy to modern day scholars for ascertaining and locating the heavenly bodies. With the revealing beauty of sunset, the gate gets closed at 6 pm and I was completely fascinated with its strategic build and impeccable view. With all the profound feelings of this splendid place, I stepped back to my hotel and after a relinquishing dinner, slept with deep thoughts of the net adventure, National Zoological Park Delhi.


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