To Explore and Stare in Awe at Imposing Minarets of Asafi Masjid Lucknow

My last day in Lucknow and I could not resist the temptation to revisit the Bara Imambara close to my hotel. The spotless and flawless architecture of the Asafi Masjid Lucknow and also the labyrinth’s delight made me make the trip twice to this attractive and famous place in Lucknow. There are many more things worthy of noticing in the Bara Imambara precinct that my second visit to the premise was truly justified. Situated in Hussainabad area of Lucknow, the place is synonymous to the city and is a part of its inseparable history. 1784 was the year when the Asafi Mosque had been constructed by the legendary Asaf-ud-Daula and offered excellent infrastructure for the Muslims to pray and offer their namaaz.

Asafi Masjid Lucknow

Asafi Masjid Lucknow | Image Resource :

For the meager entry ticket of 10 rupees, I had the pleasure to witness this important monument of Lucknow for a good three hours that I could spare. In the same time, I also saw the ancient well or more commonly known as Bawli and also the Rumi Darwaza which are the important landmarks of the city. One noteworthy fact of history is despite the fact that it was an Asafi Mosque, the mosque had been under the control of British for a great number of years and the British used the premise as a storage unit for gun powder and also as a stacking place for canons and guns. It was only after 27 years, that the area could be freed of the clutches of the British. The success of this feat is credited to Syed Muhammed Ibrahim. This had been possible only after repeated representations to the British Government to have the mosque vacated so that the devout Muslims could use it again for the intended religious purposes.

 Henceforth, the sanctity of the mosque had been regained and Asafi Masjid Lucknow began to be used for the designated religious purposes. The Namaaz-e-Juma and the yearly Eid Namaaz became the norm of the place for many years until the Jama Masjid Lucknow shared some of the religious importance of religious places in Lucknow. My last stop in the city was now the Jama Masjid Lucknow.


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