Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow – To Salute the Noted Contribution of Great Indian

The splendor of the Bara Imambara had not even left my psyche when I reached Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow which blew my mind away. As a memorial dedicated to the life of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the precinct stood for all that was dear to the great nationalist freedom fighter. Constructed during the term of Mayawati who was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh then, the materials with which the complex was constructed had been sourced from Rajasthan. Such a vast Memorial being dedicated to the national hero definitely emphasizes his unparallel contribution in the freedom struggle. He continues to inspire the newer generations as one is filled with awe when they are in this Memorial.

Entrance of Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow

Entrance of Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow | Image Resource :

There are different areas designated within the Ambedkar Memorial, the entrance is the Pratibimb Sthal which is flanked by elephants on the two sides. It is indeed very regal to look at. A fair walk amidst the elephants took me to the main sanctum sanctorum. The life and times of the great leader is reconnected through the various statues that depict his role and position in pre and post Indian History. I was spellbound when I realized the construction is in the shape of a flower. It is beautiful to watch. Between the four doors in the different directions, the statue of the famous leader is present. He is in a sitting pose and looks over the two domes. The message written below the statue surmises it all- ‘My struggle of life is my only message’. Few words but such a profound meaning!

Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow

Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow | Image Resource :

We spent a lot of time in the peaceful precinct situated in posh Gomti Nagar. The Ambedkar Memorial Lucknow is important for the newer generations to see and understand the sentiments of the nationalist leaders. For the freedom struggle, they did not even think of their own lives and dedicated everything of theirs for the service of the nation. Such selfless people are hard to come by and I felt privileged to witness the Memorial firsthand. The sun had set and as I made my way back to the hotel, I reminded myself that the next day it was the Lucknow Zoo for me.

Ambedkar Memorial

Ambedkar Memorial | Image Resource :


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