Dilkusha Kothi Lucknow – An Erstwhile Summer Hotspot of Nawabs

 Dilkusha Kothi Lucknow

Dilkusha Kothi Lucknow | Image Resource : blogspot.com

My first day in Lucknow after a good night’s rest was predictably making me feel very elated. I was finally away from the nagging pressures at work from the mundane life. Travelling surely lets a person break free of the everyday routine and helps him in discovering back some of the lighter moments which get trapped as a person gets more and more entangled in work. But just as I advise people all around me, every once in a while it is essential to rediscover oneself through such family trips which fuel you enough to handle further pressures until the next time. Dilkusha Kothi Lucknow attracted me more because they say that this place is a picnic destination for the locals. There has to be more to a place which makes it popular among the locals too.

Dilkusha Kothi

Dilkusha Kothi | Image Resource : blogspot.com

And I was right. This place indeed had the most charming structure of the era of the Nawabs when they held power. Built around the 1800 AD, the place had been the hunting lodge for the Nawabs belonging to Awadh. Most of the structure had been constructed at the behest of Nawab Saadat Ali and his friend Gore Ousely, a British designated for the job of planning and construction. The construction and the look of the Kothi are based on a property named Seaton Delavel which was an English Country House. I was enjoying myself thoroughly. The wounded staircases in the towers had their own stories to tell.

Dilkusha Palace

Dilkusha Palace | Image Resource : columbia.edu

Dilkusha Kothi Lucknow is not only known for being the hunting lodge and the summer resort for the Nawabs alone, the place held a lot of significance in the Lucknow siege of 1857 when the place had been bombed. The place had received a lot of neglect during the early times but now under the Archaeological Survey of India, optimum efforts are being made to revive the place and to bring it back to its earlier glory. The neglect has taken its toll but efforts are on. The landscaped Dilkusha Gardens provide great respite in the pollution ridden metropolis and helps enhance the experience. The Kothi done, we headed to the Indira Gandhi Planetarium Lucknow for some celestial marvels.


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