Bekal Fort Kerala – Sharing the History of Vijayanagars with Karnataka

Bekal Fort Kerala

Bekal Fort Kerala | Image Resource :

This day the entire morning was spent in repacking for the flight back home. So much had to be done, I had asked for the hotel reception to draw by bills too because we had a sightseeing planned for the day – the Bekal Fort Kerala and there would not be any time in the evening before the flight. The kids were uncontrollable. Wonder where they get all their energies from; while all of us adults were rather fatigued with the activity since the past few days, the kids were restless all the time.

Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort | Image Resource :

This fort that we were visiting today is the largest fort in the Kasaragod region of North Kerala. We took the ride in silence until the view of the fort was visible to us. We got down from our cars and made our way to the fort interiors. The whole expanse of the fort was very impressive. We divided in groups, the children made their way to their Observation Deck. We made our way to the water tank and also went to see the magazine for keeping ammunitions. The fort had been strategically placed near the shore so that the enemy movements can be tracked. It continues to look majestic near the shore and one can only imagine how impressive and important the fort must have been in its heydays. Another important aspect that I noticed in the fort is the zigzag entrance of the fort which may have been a part of the defense strategy of the fort.

View of Bekal Fort Sea Projection

View of Bekal Fort Sea Projection | Image Resource :

The Bekal Fort Kerala has been used primarily for the defense purposes and has had the distinction of being used by Tipu Sultan when he led the battle to conquer over Malabar. But later the result of the Anglo- Mysore War coerced the fort to be under the British East India Company’s rule. Now some of the famous movies have been shot here which has enhanced the tourism here. As I packed my bags and left Kerala with my friends and family I was thankful to the people of Kerala for their hospitality. The amazing places that I saw here are going to be a part of memories for as long as I live.


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