Kovalam Beach Kerala – For the Fun among Sun and Sand

Kovalam Beach Kerala

Kovalam Beach Kerala | Image Resource : keralapedia.com

The trip was fast spiraling to its end and it was getting a little depressing because we were having so much fun that it was unbelievable. The kids had been patient enough and it was time to hit the beach for some fun in the waters. Part of their extensive packing had their beach toys, their costumes, the sun glasses, the sun-tan lotions and so on and so forth. We were to go to the Kovalam Beach Kerala and the atmosphere was very upbeat. This beach is actually very famous not only in India but for the westerners too who come to this part of the country. The beach is a part of the people’s lives here and for us it was a supreme highlight.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach | Image Resource : kerala.com

You should see the spring in the step of the children, the moment the ocean came into view. The vast expanse of the ocean for a wee bit makes you conscious of your littleness. It is just that I for one feel like a tiny speck in the larger picture. The sound of the waves crashing on the shores somehow blocks any other sound that is around and I am transported to a personal world of my own where the sea overwhelms and scares me both. This is the reason I was not very keen to bathe in the waters. But who has ever won with kids and I was cajoled to get my feet wet. The feeling of the sinking sand under my feet gives me a feeling of desperation and tells me how nothing ever is in our hands but in the hands of the Almighty. We may feel in control of our lives but are we?

Kovalam Beach sunset

Kovalam Beach sunset | Image Resource : magicalindia.co.nz

But the joy in the faces of the children was truly infectious. They were having so much fun in the Kovalam Beach Kerala that for once I relaxed and was happy that I made the correct choice in planning this vacation for them. The peacefulness on my wife’s face reassured me further. With just one more day to go; the next day was reserved for Bekal Fort Kerala, I was already feeling the brunt of work that I will be faced with when we will be back home.


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