Napier Museum Kerala – For a Peek into Rare Artifacts of Yesteryears

The proximity to nature in Kerala had us wanting more but the itinerary was set in such a way that other things needed to be covered as well. One such trip that had been due was the Napier Museum, Kerala. Not too far from the city proper; 6 kilometers away to be exact is this Museum which has been named after the then Governor of Madras, John Napier. Our car commute did not take long to reach the Museum compound which also has a zoological park nearby. Built in the 19th century the place has a distinct Indo-Saracenic structure and is a permanent house for the depictions of the vast cultural heritage of the land.

Napier Museum

Napier Museum | Image Resource :

Locals also refer to the place as the Government Art Museum. The weather was perfect for an outing like this and the greenery around the Museum added to the pleasantness of the sightseeing. The breeze blowing had made us comfortable from the heat and with the constant conversation flowing among friends and family, we were having a wonderful time altogether. It is important for children to visit places like this so that they can know more about the places they visit. It kind of brings together the pieces of jigsaw puzzle where they can understand the present through the happenings of the past. The exhibits on display in the Napier Museum had us all very interested because they have these informative placards by their side which clearly explained their origin and the era they belonged to. There are bronze idols, the famous temple chariot, the precious ornaments; precious more because of their historical values and ivory carvings too which dated back considerably.

Napier Museum Kerala

Napier Museum Kerala | Image Resource :

Another interesting artifact of the Napier Museum Kerala is the Japanese shadow play figures made of leather, which are for the correct depiction of the famous epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. As we finished touring the entire premise, it had taken sufficient time and we were all hungry by then. A quick discussion and we left for the eatery where we would eat. For us, it was going to be double the fun the next day because we were all set to hit the Kovalam Beach, Kerala.


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