The Residency Tower, Trivandrum – A Blend of Opulence and Comfort

The flights had been very tiring for all of us. Somehow all the activity and the enthusiasm got to us and by the time we reached the Residency Tower, Trivandrum, we were all tired to the bones. Thankfully, the distance of the hotel from the airport is just 7 kilometers, and hence we were able to reach the hotel more or else fast. This four star property was very nicely lit and the outer façade looked very impressive. But none of it mattered then; all that mattered was a clean bed and some restful environment. But the moment we were in the lobby of the hotel, our senses were in for a treat. The hotel interiors are just as impressive as the outer look. There is certain elegance to the settings that made pleased us.

Residency Tower Trivandrum

Residency Tower Trivandrum | Image Resource :

The service of the professional staff is noteworthy. Our check in was done very swiftly without any hassles whatsoever. The welcome drink made us relax while we were sitting in the plush sofa that the hotel lobby had. Very quickly afterwards, we were shown to our rooms. We had taken the Deluxe Rooms and the décor of the room is at par with the ones in the five star hotels. The next obvious step for me was to scout for the room service for all of us were famished. It had been decided in the car itself that we would call for the food in the room because none had the strength to make it to the restaurant. With quick consultancies, the food was ordered while all of us freshened up.

Residency Tower

Residency Tower | Image Resource :

You can always tell the good hotels from the bad ones only with the quality of their food and their service. The Residency Tower, Trivandrum had already set a benchmark because the food that reached our hotel room was indeed very tasty and was served in record time. As the day concluded, it concluded with a plan for the next day when we would visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala for the day’s sightseeing. The trip had just started and it had all the makings of being a good one.


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