Kerala Backwaters- The True Hidden Riches and Treasure of Kerala

The Kerala Backwaters is something which is unique to Kerala. All across the length and breadth of the country, there may be many hills and other tourist spots but the backwaters are an altogether different experience. The exclusivity of this region is its primary appeal. This natural phenomenon is as a result of various water bodies draining in the Arabian Sea which has given rise to several estuaries, lagoons and canals in its wake. These natural water bodies connect with each other and the islands that dot within make up for a wonderful place that most associate with backwaters. It is true that the backwaters can be accessed from the various cities of the area.

kerala backwaters

Kerala Backwaters|Image Resource :

More than the specifics of the region, the feel of the place is superior. It is an experience that titillates your senses and makes you want to never leave the place. My association with the place was not even very long lasting, yet the influences ran deep and were very strong. The impact of nature was felt by all of us. Through the houseboat’s deck, I would stare far and wide to take in the beauty of the surroundings and the feeling was as though I am blessed to have had a chance to visit the place. Backwaters are too blessed with a unique ecosystem. It is here where the fresh waters meet the salty water of the sea. To spare the fresh water to be mixed with the salty water, several barrages have been made so that the fresh water can continue to serve the purposes of irrigation.

Kerala Backwaters Sunset

Kerala Backwaters Sunset|Image Resource :

An experience of the Kerala Backwaters can be gained through the ride in the Kettuvallams or also by availing the ferry services which function between the banks. Tourism has been rampant in the area for the place was rather busy with tourists from every part of India and abroad. We were having the times of our lives and enjoying the place to our heart’s content. The next day we were scheduled to visit the Kalarivathukkal Bhagavathy Temple Kerala and it felt befitting because I could not thank the Lord enough for the fortunes that He has bestowed on me.


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